I've been seeing this plate for ~8 months. I have been seeing other girls during this time on and off, but she hasn't seen anyone other than me. I didn't believe her when she told me this recently, but I verified this by checking her phone.

She is really into me, tells me she loves me and wants my exclusive commitment. She ticks all of the boxes for me - submissive, kind, does things for me without question, works out, good looking. The problem is, I don't want to close off seeing other women.

So far, I have said that I like her and can see myself with her in future, but it takes time to decide these things. She knows that I will be seeing other girls still, and said that this upsets her, she obsesses over it, and that if I keep doing it for now she is going to have to 'detach' and have a break for a bit (although she also talked about things that she wants to do with me soon).

I think that I've done things well so far, and I have no doubt that she will come back to me quickly. I have a feeling that if I folded straight away and committed to her because she was upset, she would lose some respect. I think that if I ever do commit, it has to come from me, rather than doing it because I am afraid that she will leave.

My question is, what is the best way to keep this going until I can decide if I want to LTR her exclusively? I see potential in her but I'm not ready yet.