I know alot of people say you shouldn't try to date a coworker, but this coworker I rarely see and I'm very good at handling rejection so I went for it.

Long story short I asked her for her number but didn't text her til like a week later. Not intentional. I had a date later that evening and I worked like 70 hours that week and was busy . I only saw her once after getting her number, we spoke, and I texted her later that evening. After I texted her she said " who is this". I told her who and she didn't respond. After that I assumed it was a rejection. She didn't seem that interested to begin with in my opinion.

The next day when I was walking into work I saw her and it caught me off guard because I usually don't see her early in the morning. So I walked past her and she tapped my shoulder. She's never touched me before. I said "whats up?" And she didn't really say anything so I kept walking. After I went into the office like two minutes later she walked in there and was standing there like she was waiting for me to say something to her. I never spoke so eventually she left.

I've had a girl literally try to put me in the friendzone and got upset when I wasn't interested in that. She showed no interest in me until after she rejected me lol and tried to cockblock me with other women. I thought this situation was heading in that direction.

I know you should never let a woman see you butt hurt but I didn't care and felt like I was being toyed with. I had no intentions of making her my gf and I wanted things to go back to how they were before I hit on her and not deal with the attempt of making me her orbitor or validation. So I texted her and said "if you cant respond through text, don't touch or speak to me in person". She didn't respond obviously.

Did I handle this situation completely wrong?

Did I handle it wrong?