I just spent 3 hours video chatting with this girl that I met a few days ago, and was meeting all her online friends. I had no serious intentions but I did want to take her out drinking , perhaps hang out a few times. I did have a romancing interest, but as a risk-averse person, It wasn't going to be anything remotely pornhub worthy.

I get a phone call from my "ex" 3 hours into the group chat, because we're still close and we talk all the time. The new girl knew this from the start that we have a special bond even though we're not seeing each other anymore (ex lives 3000 miles away).

Out of nowhere she gets upset that I left the group video chat to answer that call, texts me abruptly that "your girlfriend is controlling" and "I don't want get in between you should focus on her", and "I'm not desperate enough to be with someone who has someone else".

She could easily have said "you're too immature for me" or "I'm looking for a serious relationships" or given me any other reason that is coherent, but no , it's "You and your ex seem like you love each other" and boom, she's gone.

Here I thought I was building a wholesome connection, but no, random jealousy bullshit even before anything got started....

Apparently it's not okay for me to have another friend in my life, but it's okay for me to spend 3 hours talking to all her friends.