Beware, long post.

Basically, I had been screwing this girl off of Tinder - I didn't perform greatly. I had moved to Berlin from Melbourne AUS on a working-holiday visa and hadn't been laid in 2 years. I made her cum the first night with my hands but my penis could not get hard. I accomplished this by placing my arm over her neck while I rigorously fingered her - she admitted she had only gotten off from another guy who had done a similar thing and made her feel unable to "escape". Nevertheless, we saw each other multiple times throughout the week before I left for two weeks to go visit a friend in London.

When I returned, she wanted to hang out and we would share a bed but she did not make the same advances as she did in the week I had met her. She just wanted me to spoon/aftercare. She admitted to having slept with her ex-boss while I was away, which I didn't really care about as we weren't declared exclusive, but it'd seemed any desire she had to fuck me was gone. I still don't understand why she sought to invite me over under the pretence of sex only to watch movies and cuddle... On the second night, she called me "attached", even though it was her idea for us to meetup, and "predictable". I left her apartment then and their, resolving to walk the streets of Berlin near winter then spend another second next to someone who is going to treat me so lowly.

Given that many of our previous conversations revolved around the dominance play, enjoyment of forced sex and rape fantasies, did she want me to try to take her? This didn't really register at the time and I figured she just fell out of attraction because she managed to get a lay from her ex-boss that was avoiding her - ergo I decided to skidaddle - but was she testing to see if I'd go for it?

Not that'd I'd risk it. She was cute but not worth risking a 15 year felony charge.