be 26/M, from a more traditional country in Europe meet 35/F Russian girl at wedding in my country go out, we hit it off really well, she has to return home know that LTRs don't work, suggest she comes back and we go for a 10 day vacation together in couple months go on vacation, have an amazing time together, now thinking of visiting her, tit for tat parents think this is a bad idea, she is too old, I can do better, they want me to break it off

I can honestly say she is gorgeous, tall, a great cook, great personality, the issue for me is her age and that might limit max amount of kids. And then of course I'm still young, I have made and make good money, I can find a woman with same traits (as rare as this more trad wife is, I don't think they are THAT rare) that also comes from a well-off family for extra financial security, but that's secondary and more my dad's thought process.

I can't say that she has any baggage, she just wasn't raised traditionally to value getting married young, like most modern women. And this is all from a standpoint of a serious relationship. I don't need to be serious with her yet, I mean let's face it we have only been together in person for like half a month, but my parents take this trip I am planning very seriously.

She isn't the type to trap a man with a kid, she is going to get an IUD so I know that she won't be able to anyway,

I told her I want to get married earliest 30, and I want 2 maybe 3 kids. She was okay with these things and agrees with the number of kids. I don't want to lead her on so I'm honest with her, but I just don't know if I should be pursuing this further.

So when I'm 30, she will be 39. Starting to have kids at 39 and I want 1 or 2 more? And also being in a committed relationship for 4 years when I'm 26? My longest relationship was half a year. I don't know.... does this sound even feasible? Or should I just be considering this an impossibility, and a little fun fling and be upfront with her? Obviously if she wants a serious relationship and I can't provide that, she shouldn't be wasting any time with me and should be looking for someone ASAP while she still can.

I don't know... any advice friends?