So I got this girl. Basically begging for my attention before and definitely considering me the top alpha that she can never get.

I was aware of this and teasing her for a couple of months in all the proper ways. She said she has had sexual fantasies of me for months and finally asked herself if she can come over to my place. So all was going supremely well.

But then I started showing my interest back and things took a downturn. I really liked her, but kinda labeled her as a very simple catch and so when I started showing my interest more, I was lazy and did not think I have to harness all the TRP principles.

Key mistakes I think I did: I did not set boundaries in small, daily things. I might have been too agreeable in conversation. I sort of began looking for her approval not vice versa. I think I overall showed too much willingness to move forward with her which killed the mystery.

So as a result, she has become from "burning with desire" to "lukewarm". She has not given me any negative signs and the contact is still positive, but the spark is gone.

Any advice on what to do here? Is there a way to get her back to the level we were at before?

I have several "social tools" that I can use. My "game" can be directly towards her. We also share many friends so I could correct my social behaviour within the entire group of friends. And I also have a girlfriend - I could be publicly more alpha with her, thus increasing my SMV. The positive end result would be that she would join me and my girlfriend in the relationship.