So I am probably like a lot of you, I found TRP at a later stage of my life and am happy spinning plates and focusing on my purpose, however when it comes to family get togethers, I am always hit with the 'have you found a gf yet!?' I just tell them no I haven't, but im dating then my uncle says 'no you aren't! You haven't had a girlfriend, my neighbour has had like 50 gfs!' then he was like 'you are 28 years old! When are you going to find someone!? then asks my cousins going 'have you got a girl for skriker!?'

Anyway, how would you deal with this situation? Would a good way to do it is too just fuck with their minds? Agree and amplify? next time they ask should i say something like 'wasn't it your job to find me a girl?' Any pointers would be appreciated.