Just a thought

Had discovered trp like 8 years ago (assuming it was called TRP back then, the concepts were essentially the same). That was just before I was about to go to Uni and so I got there with full RP weapons, boy did I have fun for about 2 years.

A lot happened after that but long story short I slowly forgot my RP training, plugged into the system and got fucked by it. And I mean properly fucked I'm still a depressed, resentful mess, but we working on that. After rediscovering trp I'm wondering how the hell I lost it, or who I had become without it. Anyway

What I find amusing is that back then I was worried trp would become mainstream, that the women would catch on and maybe device a blue pill to neutralise trp skills. Yet, trp has proven so powerful that the only way to fight it was to consistently fight its advocates.

Its like trp is embedded or was written from the very core of our being that the only way for women to fight it is by keeping men away from it.