So this is going to sound beta as fuck and tbh i do feel beta as fuck.

My LTR of 1.5 year broke up with me due to catching me cheating. She found my old phone and found out i was cheating. She also contacted some of the women on my phone...

This girl was so sweet in so many ways but also had so many red flags. I have internally realized that i need to let go due to impossible to have a future with her.

Her red flags.

1- Daddy issues, her father according to her left the family when she was 12. She speaks positively about him. That they used to ride motorcycles, go on boat trips and so forth and forth. But the time after he left them she says that he been abusive.

2- A lot of male friends, she is hot, i would say a 9 and even my male friends and their girlfriends call her good lucking X(her name). She is nerdy and play video games, CSgo, age of empires and call of duty. Due to her female friends not having same interests. She has a lot of male friends that she games with. Some of them are beta as fuck, matter of fact i would almost call all of them beta as fuck. She invites me to game with them. She has 2 brother that is into gaming and that is how she got into gaming.

3- She is on SSRI. She has problems with anxiety and are taking SSRI to counter them. Major red flag?

  1. She has PMDD. PMDD is basically PMS but on steroids. It can completely change a person 1 week before she gets her period. This is usually expressed in terms of anxiety, moody, gets really tired, wants to stay in bed the whole time and picks fight due to really really really small things.

The week before her period is called "hell week" in PMDD circles...

It can be everything from i saw you looking at that girl in the window, you dont love me etc etc. And when i say fights i mean she crying for 3-5 hours straight.

  1. She is a songwriter, she gets in contact with a lot of hot guys, with much much more status than my in that niche. A big label in our country wants to sign her and that would mean she traveling to other countries and writing song...the possibility of her not cheating is pretty slim if you ask me.

  2. I have a purpose that i love to grind on, something that i believe will take me out of the rat race, hanging out with her surely takes time and energy from that.

  3. Her mom is still single and living by herself.

Not the best role model?

  1. I know her ex and he dumped her due to relationship becoming to "dark" This was about 3 years ago.

Some green flags.

  • Very submissive
  • Hates feminism
  • hot as fuck
  • Sex is great
  • Very girly and takes care for her self.
  • Doesn't drink, do drugs nor use instagram.

We still have had sex after we broke up so i know she is still physically attracted to me, i didnt go beta when she dumped me..

Im M32 and she F27, i just need to fucking realize that i can never have a healthy relationship nor with this woman. And that i dodged a massive bullet. All help is appreciated.

I cant get the fucking good memories out of my head. I've also banged 3 girls after her and felt like shit every-time after.