I developped one itis for a girl at my workplace.

I was paralyzed : I couldn’t look her in the eyes anymore, couldn’t talk to her anymore, I was visibly very affected whenever she was around, becoming very nervous and socially anxious, feeling very bad, being pale in the face and incapable of talking to anyone when she was around.

She is now trying to turn me into a beta orbiter by providing me with some subtle gestures of interest (standing a little too close to me, giving hugs, etc…) which are there only to create and maintain a sexual desire for her, even though nothing will ever happen.

I don’t like the idea of being treated and stringed along like a fool .

How can I stop being paralyzed by this crush ? It affects me at the workplace because I look like a weirdo, and it affects my work since I’m too affected and feeling bad when she is around.

How should I interact with her on a daily basis to have her understand I won't be an orbiter to her ?