I've dated quite a few women, but no woman had a hobby, a passion or was interested in something. Why are women so shallow? It's not like that I didn't had a good time around them. We could talk for hours, laugh together and have a good time. But do you really wanna spend the rest of your life with such a lifeless hull?

My fiancée is a Spanish teacher. She studied Spanish and loves the latin culture. She even lived in Mexico for a few years as a gringa. You could say Spanish is her passion. I started learning Spanish for her (and because I wanted to speak another language) and soon I found interesting things about the language like certain dialects and irregularities. Again, she has a university degree in that language and it's her passion. Mostly she couldn't answer my "geeky" questions and wasn't even interested in doing so. WTF? Try going to a quantum physicist and start talking about some quantum shit. You'll witness a 30 min monologue.

When we moved in together, she bought a piano, because she got classical piano training when she was a teen and she was missing playing it. Naturally I delved into this world as well and started to gain interest, even though I was never good or interested in making music. I even watched some videos about music theory of my favorite piece(s) and tried to talk with her about it. Nothing. How come I have a deeper interested in a topic after a week than a woman having this as her "hobby"?

I mean, I still love her and she's the least lifeless hull I could find, but shit, why are women like this? How do you wander through your life without having a deep interest and understanding of at least a single topic?