So I have been kinda half involved in this for a while by accident. My ex was a real example of AWALT and I was BP as fuck. I turned cold and fucked about with women for years now and realised the less I cared the lore they wanted me, not even on purpose just genuinely didn’t actually care.

Anyway I stumbled on this stuff from YTers like Steph is cold and Taylor the fiend whilst being on a journey of self improvement and life made a lot more sense.

Anyway I have posted this story on a comment here and couldn’t figure out how to post. Here is a field report from a date I had last week and one of the first I’ve closed since being aware.

Met a half Pakistani and English f29 on hinge. Talked for a bit and set up a date, she’s about and 8/9 body wise and 7/8 face and 8/9 personality and accent.

Anyway it was such an experience just holding frame. Another guy was on a first date with a girl near us as a bar and his date said to me that you look ripped (I don’t I’ve put on muscle but nowhere near where I want to be) and I couldn’t believe the nerve of women. She constantly disrespected her date like this ( she went to sit with another group of guys whenever he was away at the toilet or ordering drinks ) maybe because he was buying her everything but he still closed.

Anyway this comment the girl made probably made my date into me more as it was social proof and made her want me more.

Anyway she invites me back to here for wine. Start doing stuff and then she’s like we’re not having sex both doing this for a bit and she’s insistent so I go fair enough another time I’m going.

When I tell you her pants couldn’t come off fast enough, she dragged me from her living room to her room to fuck her brains out.

Such simple creatures.