So a little back round. I actually met this girl at the airport terminal on the way back home to our home city. We lived in the same part of downtown and I got her number in like 10 minutes before boarding. We hadn't talked in person since.

She texted me the next day and I hit her up for a date, saying I was busy this coming week but lets do next. She mentioned a wedding that Saturday, but offered to hang Friday instead. Texting was purely logistics. Couldn't have been more perfect. Anyways, she texted me the day before the date with this message:

"I absolutely hate to do this to you, but I am completely swamped with schoolwork and I have a wedding this weekend and next weekend so I don't have time to get things done over the weekends and I have two huge tests this week and the the following. All that to say, I won't be able to do tomorrow night night because I really need to study and prep for these tests before I leave Saturday morning" (its currently thursday night) "Is there any way we could reschedule for the first week in October?? Sorry, I know that's a whole lot more information than you ever wanted to know, but I didn't want you to think I was bailing just to bail."

Seems like she assumes I could give a fuck about her tests which is good. I looked through the reddit and there were similar posts to this, but none that I could find that offered what to say, but only offered what to feel about it (not go beta and get pissy). I just need some advice on what to say for a date that is potentially 3 ish weeks out. The only thing we know about each other is the 10 minute convo at the aiport.