This girl I've been dating for a few months got into a car wreck and has tremendous medical debt piling up and she has no insurance (we're in the States). I've felt REALLY good about this girl up until this happened, but now I have my doubts. She asked me for "help" without asking for money. I did not offer to pay her medical bills as that is an insanely unreasonable request IMO. We're talking a minimum of $20k here. Instead I sent her info on how she can get financial assistance and other options. Talking to her recently she causally mentions that another guy she's dating is paying all of her medical bills...which is mind blowing to me that any man would simp that hard, but she is very attractive (like a 9 or 10). I don't think she's lying, BTW. I don't think the simp is getting anything out of this, but hey, simps are gonna simp I guess.

This next part is going to be very hard to believe so I understand if you don't, but she isn't sleeping with me or the simp guy footing the bill. She's a virgin and is saving herself for marriage, which I can respect. Now I'm conflicted if I even want to continuing pursing her. One one hand, I know the simp guy has spent tons of money on her before, and still after that she and I still dated and got as physical as she's conformable with: making out, dry humping, feeling each other in our underwear. I know this sounds juvenile, but it is what it is.

I mention this because I'm confident that I am the "Alpha Fucks" in this situation and the simp guy is the "Beta Bucks" - which clearly is the case. Maybe I should just continue to demonstrate my value though other means. You can't be mad a hypergamy and women wanting financial provisioning, after all. The part that doesn't sit well with me is that I'm not going to pursue a woman that's only looking for financial provisioning. If she doesn't want me for who I actually am as person, then fuck her. I don't know if this is entirely the case with her, but that is my stance and I'm firm on it.

TL;DR - Her simp is paying all her medical bills, but she's not fucking him - is she still worth pursing? If so how do I beat the simp in non-financial ways? Thoughts?