Plate I was seeing before moving provinces was hot, smart, funny and sex was amazing. I was coming off a failed engagement and was just enjoying her with no strings attached. I really enjoyed her company and wish we could have seen each other more. When I left to escape the lockdown we kept in touch and she was still sending nudes up until 2 weeks ago, telling me how amazing I felt inside her. Lockdown in my province started to ease up so I was looking to come back and meet up. She acted down but then revealed she's been seeing someone casually for the past couple months and didn't want to fuck it up because she wants something serious now.

Instead of acting like it didn't affect and me I got all in my feelings. She said she caught feelings too but since I moved she didn't want to say anything. Now after that I went full blue pill to the point where it sounded like I was confessing my love for her lol. It was bad and honestly makes me cringe thinking about it. Anyways, I was rejected and it was kinda out of nowhere to her because of how alpha and no fucks I came off before. I tried doing some damage control and we talked about the sex and maybe linking up in the future if things change.

I realize my reaction was a combination of oneitis, loneliness, scarcity mindset, fomo and finally getting over my Fiance. Maybe she found beta bucks that is why she was still sending me nudes and missing my cock. That being said I don't think she will ever come back after losing frame like that and I set up a date next week and been chatting to new girls now that I've been back. But how do I act if she comes around again? Do you ever remain friends with a broken plate or do you just go NC? Is it possible to ever get my frame back from this?

Some positives are that I have been using this cringe feeling to fuel some weight loss. I've been exercising and focusing on my mission. I have this insane desire to level up every aspect of my life. I am starting to game other woman. The rejection has diminished my oneitis and set me free.

Things I've learned from this situation:

  • put phone away if emotions are getting in the way of logic (better to come back with a clear mind and think rationally about a situation)
  • if plate breaks let them go, "she's not yours its just your turn"
  • rejection is a good motivator for self improvement
  • sharing emotions is a turn off and doesn't improve the situation
  • you can't negotiate desire