I’ve gone on a few dates with a girl that’s very interested in me and on Saturday I ask if she’s up for dinner that night. She first says she’d love to but she’ll let me know later. Then she says she’s up for it and we agree on 7pm. Then shortly afterwards she txts me saying she doesn’t feel too good and what’s to stay home. She said she feels tired and has a bit of a headache. I’ve been tired of these sort of flake situations so to address it I sent her a txt saying she should go through with plans she agrees to and I said she’s a fucking flake. She responds saying we should go for dinner after all. When I see her the first thing she does is say I was being mean and I should apologize or she’s leaving. At that point I apologized for calling her a flake and she seemed resentful that I was mean to her and only took slight responsibility for being flaky. We ended up having a decent night anyways.

I’m not sure if I handled that correctly. What do you do when a girl flakes last minute like that? Does it make sense to be mean to an extent to prevent them from being flaky? She have not apologized or should I apologize more?

Thanks in advance for any tips and insights. Cheers!