My LTR and I went to a nude beach the other day. We go all the time and never had an issue, until now.

Shortly after setting up our umbrella and stuff, some old fat dude sets up his chair next to us. At first I felt he was too close, but the beach was very busy/crowded so I shrugged it off.

After some time passes the old dude positions his chair to where instead of facing the ocean, he is more towards facing us. He was "reading" a book, but I then realized he was just using it as cover to jerk off. Yes, this dude straight up started shamelessly stroking his dick right there.

She didn't notice it, but I told her we are leaving and to get dress, and that I would explain later. As we're leaving, I let her walk ahead of me and I then turn around and confront the guy. I told him he is digusting and needs to learn some respect and self control.

I then tell her the situation as we walk back to my car. Along with telling her what I told the guy, I told her that kind of behavior pisses me off, and he's lucky I didn't knock him out right there in his chair.

I'm still pissed off by this, because the thought of another guy pleasuring himself to the sight of my girlfriend's naked body is disturbing. He could've been gay and been getting off from me, but doubt it.

On the car ride home she tells me she is glad that I didn't get violent and make a scene. I still feel like lost frame by being reactive and letting this bother me. I have no issue with guys checking out or flirting with my gf, however this dude straight up crossed the line and disrespected us.

What should I do in future situations like this? I'm thinking about not going to nude beaches anymore, but that might make things worse by making it seem like this really got to me. And if this happened to you guys, would you confront the creep or just ignore him and leave?

Appreciate any feedback.