Drama is the ability to create chaos out of thin air. It is the female secret weapon against their physically stronger male counterparts.

A female who gets cornered by a male is doomed. The only responses available to her are psychological responses. If she tried to be Wonder Woman she'll only succeed in dying faster.

Women learned from an early age that if they show signs of distress, males in her life will drop everything and tend to her until her distress is gone.

Women also learn that the more attractive they are, the more investment they can get out of the male by simply being distressed. They'll also learn quickly afterwards that the distress doesn't even have to be real. They can quite literally manufacture distress and get males to invest.

And so they do. And they get quite good at it, especially the attractive ones. A lot of these drama masters go on to use their skills in the workplace to get promotions into roles that they're completely unqualified for.

There are many tools for creating drama, including, but not limited to:

  • giving and withdrawing attention, aka push/pull
  • being passive aggressive
  • gossiping
  • nagging
  • crying at you - this is to get you to stop holding her accountable for shitty behaviour
  • fake ultimatums - threatening to leave etc
  • any shit test

These tools of the trade have one thing in common - they are designed to wear you down psychologically. Women rarely go on all out frontal attacks to win battles cleanly and decisively. That is the domain of men. Women prefer to chip away at the target bit by bit over long periods of time.

Any man who has cohabited with a nagging woman will understand this chipping away effect. Women's snarkiness is designed to hurt you while providing them plausible deniability. You know the statements were intended for you but you can't prove it. Directly confronting her about it will only make you seem like the bad guy.

The downfall of the high value man is in thinking that he is strong enough mentally to withstand this consistent onslaught of drama. Don't kid yourself. No man is that strong. For women it is natural. They can do this all day.

The only real antidote for drama is the withdrawal of attention. This is why plates are more likely to behave better than the average girlfriend. They know they need to win your attention from other women. This is also why dread game works, and always will. If you have other women in your life and she knows it, she'll be less likely to dish out drama.

In the current climate, the feminine imperative is primary. Throwing drama is being marketed as "communication". A man has to put up with unnecessary drama because that's how couples "communicate", but if a man complains about not getting enough sex, suddenly that's his problem.

Consent has to work both ways. If the woman in the relationship does not consent to having physical sex, then the man also does not have to consent to being psychologically "communicated to" against his will.

The RP man has to always be aware of the drama games happening around him, and react accordingly. In plate situations, it's simple enough to soft next every time drama happens. In the workplace, it's a bit more complicated. You have to play the game a bit to avoid being trampled on. If you decide to cohabitate with a female, then bless your heart.

The other tool for handling drama is game. Game is basically psychological martial arts where you use the strength of the opponent's drama against them. Eg agree and amplify takes their drama and blows it way out of proportion so that they will look stupid if they try to pursue it further, thereby defusing the drama and also giving them tingles at the same time.

For newbies who are not familiar with this psychological judo, the best starting point is to withdraw attention every time you sense a female trying to wear you down psychologically. Once that habit is ingrained, you can move on to try to turn their own drama against them. Mastering this takes time, so go easy on yourself, and get the basics down.