The below is a copy of my Reddit post. Since TRP might get banned any day now, just thought to post it here for posterity.

EDIT: The point of this post was to encourage men to create a female account on Tinder depicting a woman who you yourself will refuse to even Plate.

Even if you're red pilled, seeing this woman get matched with and messaged by Chads is an experience that is indescribable.

Even if you're over 6 feet tall, have an excellent profile, and are one of the few men to get 100+ matches per day, I still encourage it.

My personal experience using Tinder:

I tried Tinder in NYC for 2 months, and got a total of 24 matches after filtering out bots and the obese.

For swiping, I liked every profile without even looking at them until I reached the quota for the day.

You get 50 swipes per 12 hours. Over 60 days, that is (50260=) 6,000 girls.

Out of these 6,000 girls, only 78 matched with me. That is a success rate of 1.3%. For reference, I make over $100k/year, live in a luxury condo in Manhattan, and am in decent shape, albeit with average looks, and below average height. I shudder to imagine what the median man gets.

Anyway, from these 78, I culled the bots and the obese (200lb+).

Of the 24, most of them were HB6-7, with 3 HB5 and 2 HB9. Of the women who matched with me, only (24/78=) 30% were non-obese.

Ignored the 3 HB5 girls, and messaged the other 21. These 3 girls had pretty faces, but were slightly overweight. I prefer skinny girls. But still kept them in the sample, because while I reject them, men who prefer thick girls will not.

Out of 21 girls I messaged, ended up sleeping with 6 of them, including both the HB9.

In percentage terms, 6/6000= 0.1%.

In hindsight, I find a few things baffling. Apart from the 2 HB9, the other 4 girls I slept with were all high end of HB7.

All the HB6 girls either never replied or stopped replying.

5 girls messaged me first. 3 HB5 and 2 HB9. Obvious why a 5 would message me first, but was surprised when both HB9 girls messaged first as well.

Of the HB9 girls, one was a visiting Australian and the other was a local actress (bit parts in several TV shows).

The Experiment:

I was chatting with a coworker, and she casually mentioned that she gets 100+ matches per day. She has an okay face but is slightly overweight, so the number seemed too high. So the next morning before heading to the gym, I created a fake female profile to test it for myself.

For the profile pics, I chose an 18yo mediocre overweight girl, and before I could even start on the Bio section, I started getting likes.

I decided to leave the Bio section blank and went to shower, and started getting ready. By the time I checked the app again before heading out, it showed 99+ likes. In less than 30 minutes, it had over 100 matches.

After work that day, I opened the app back up, and started swiping right on just the Chads (tall, muscular, handsome) to make sure that the matches weren't inflated. To my shock and horror, almost every Chad I swiped right on was already a match.

Again, this is a mediocre girl who on her best day is a HB5.

Worse, after matching, these Chads immediately start messaging, so it's clear that they weren't just spamming likes and maxing out the quota like I was.

I had already known that women have it much easier than men, but seeing it in person was particularly disheartening.

Again, I make over $100k/year, live in a luxury condo in Manhattan, and am in decent shape, albeit with average looks, and below average height.

Even with my background, I only got 2 HB9 (equivalent to male Chads) while a girl who I wouldn't even consider as a plate is getting messaged by 100+ blue-pilled Chads.

Going through this experience clarified some things and muddied some others.

If even mediocre girls are getting spammed matches from Chads, it makes sense why I only got 24 matches in 2 months. On the other hand, why did the 2 HB9 choose me over the 100 Chads?

This whole experience above was in early-2019. Last week, I introduced my brother to the Red Pill and told him to create a fake female profile to let him realize just how much the deck is stacked against men. This was immensely helpful in shattering his blue-pill delusions. I highly recommend you to try this. Knowing something on an abstract basis is very different than seeing it with your own eyes.

EDIT: My scale for women

HB6: Skinny white girl = automatic 6.

HB5: If the above girl has skrillex haircut or acne, downgrade to a 5. Slightly overweight girls with pretty faces also fall here.

HB7: Skinny girl with above-average face.

HB8: Skinny girl with pretty face.

HB9: Skinny girl with fit, firm, tight bodies, and a pretty face.

HB10: Does not exist in reality. This would be a virgin, teenage Alexandra Daddario, without any piercings or tattoos. Most importantly she is not hypergamous, and even if I Beta and simp, she will still remain loyal.