What is P.P.I ?

It's Passive Pussy Income. And it's something every man should establish.

It can come from many sources.

Including Status, friends, business, etc.

How does one establish P.P.I ?

One establishes P.P.I by having status, and friends.

  • If one has high status, women will try to slide into your DM's.
  • If one has high value friends, they can reference you to more women. (Females friend or Male friend it doesn't matter)

Think of yourself and your friends as fisherman.

Whatever fish you catch and don't want you give to one of your friends.

Your friends do the same, and give you fish they don't want as well.

Build your "Fishermen's net", that being social media!

Why should one establish Passive Pussy Income?

What are you fucking gay?

To get laid faggot.

When should I establish Passive Pussy Income?

As soon as possible.

The sooner one does it the more streams of "Puss-Flow" in the future.


What is "Puss-Flow"?

"Puss-Flow" the total amount of pussy being transferred into "Fucks".

What is a "Fuck"?

Now, that's something I cannot give......