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One thing I noticed when reading the police report is when they swabbed Chanel's panties for DNA, they found mostly her DNA and some DNA from a male, but it was a male OTHER than Turner (appears they did not follow up to find out who, like if it was the boyfriend, the 2 swedes, the 2 guys who came after the swedes, the guy with the phone standing over Chanel, or the guy who noticed the guy standing over Chanel)

Turner's account was this:

I pull away from kissing her and whisper in her ear if she wanted me to finger her. She responds to me and acknowledges what I said with saying, "Yeah.". Having heard her response, I decide to take her underwear off thinking that since it was established that I would finger her, the only way of accomplishing this was to pull down her underwear.

It sounds autistic as hell (and doesn't really make sense, it's not an absolute requirement to pull down underwear to fingerbang, you can just pull the middle aside, but pulling down makes it EASIER) but in his version, he receives permission to remove them, and most likely even though he is the one pulling them off, she would probably be using her hands to stabilize herself on the ground as she lifts her pelvis off the ground, to make removing them easier for him and to avoid damage to the panties.

Here's what perplexes me: if the narrative they're painting here is that Turner pulled off Chanel's underwear by himself and threw them aside... how exactly would he accomplish that without: 1) getting his DNA on the panties 2) damaging the panties

If Chanel was not cooperating (lifting her pelvis off the ground) then it would be more difficult to remove them, requiring more force to be exerted with the hands, which would be very likely to transfer DNA to the panties.

The fact they found no DNA implies to me it was a non-forceful removal of the panties done with Chanel's participation via lifting her pelvis off the ground.

Odds are she probably started removing them and Brock just removed them the rest of the way,.