The red pill, good servant, bad master. So dunno if y’all have seen that Will Smith drama. So here is the low down.

Will Smith is husband to Jada. Four years ago when Will was knocking boots with Margot Robbie ^unconfirmed/s Jada went into a relationship with her sons friend who is about 23 years her junior. Dude apparently has some life threatening disease. So in a damage control interview, Jada puts Will on the spotlight to try hamster her way out of the allegations. She leads and basically makes the dude say it was not an “I” thing but a “WE” thing..

Anyway, it struck me hard how much his life though in the public eye, is macro similar to any dude that has had the unfortunate experience of marriage. Will is ten to fifteen times net worth more than Jada. But this guy has to sit and listen to his wife publicly say how she rode dick for a purpose, because they took a break. Watching that video was a stark reminder why there is no purpose to marrying someone. Dude is definitely lifting, looking good, confidence and all plus money. But he knows that even though she is the one that rode another dick, in the event of a divorce, he would be fucked... MAJORLY.

If you look at his Instagram he has been focusing on his self, hobbies, traveling the world etc. But his one anchor, the one thing that she has used to kibosh him, is to actually bring up shit about her own cock carousel to force him to address her. I got one thought he did do it gracefully. 50 Cent published private messages between them asking why... totally fucked up to do that but the question is valid. 50 is no where near Will Smiths net worth. Will understands the fall back.

Don’t fucking get married.... never, especially without a prenup. You will end up having to pretend to be full beta in front of millions just so that you don’t lose your hard earned money. Remember how the same shit happened to Hulk Hogan. 50’s yr old Wife brought in a 19 year old.. younger than their last born. Took his house and made the dude suicidal. a phone call from Laila Ali saved his life.

Good servant... don’t rush to flip. Frame comes in different ways. Don’t Chris Benoit yourself when your wife ends your turn. Use tact. A lot of people think Will is a pussy, but to me, that is absolute frame.... for now.