We're all familiar with the traditional conservative (Trad Con) masturbator.

You have a guy that comes on this forum and at least partially unplugs. However, he never fully embraces his burden of performance. The prospect of transforming himself into the Alpha guy is too daunting, so he hamsters away the need to make any real change. Yeah, those Red Pill guys are right, but only insofar as sluts and damaged women are concerned. A real Quality Woman ™ cares about more important things, like religion, building a family, and pursuing a relationship.

These women don't exist. They never existed.

The Quality Woman ™ myth is really just the fantasy that there are women who will respond to Beta behavior in the same way that other women respond to Alpha behavior, and reciprocate with the same level of intimacy and genuine desire (NAWALT).

Yes, there are women who want a husband and a family. There are women who don't go through 50 dicks in college (no, MGTOWs, not every girl has an n-count longer than a CVS receipt). There are women who are faithful wives and good mothers.

The fallacy lies in the belief that these "good women" want Betas. Wrong. They want Alphas.

Let me give you two examples from the era that Trad Cons idealize and worship.

I had two older aunts who grew up in the 1950s. Both are now deceased, but they were the embodiment of what most men on this forum crave in a LTR. In their younger years, they were quite beautiful. One was an actual beauty pageant winner. They were nurturing women who enjoyed being mothers. They had sweet, feminine personalities that just made you feel so relaxed and at peace. They possessed the social graces and charm so lacking in most young women today - not an ounce of abrasiveness. They did all the domestic shit like cooking, and were happy to play host for family and social events. Neither were "careerists," instead taking low-stress jobs in the teaching profession. Both married in their early-20s, and by all appearances were profoundly satisfied with the relationships.

Now let me tell you about their husbands.

"Phil", who married the beauty queen, eventually became a high-ranking corporate buyer for a large retailer. He frequently traveled internationally, and made enough money for the family to purchase a large Victorian home in an expensive town. In his younger years, he enjoyed fast cars. According to my mom, he "drove like a bat out of hell." I was too young to know him while he was alive, but others described him to me as very self-centered. Apparently he was often more interested in his own hobbies, which also included photography, than being the stereotypical supportive father and husband.

The other aunt's husband, "Tom," was an athlete at an Ivy League school. My mom described him as "hot" and a "stud" in his younger years. He later had a successful career as a military officer, retiring as a general. Like Phil, he loved fast cars and also drove motorcycles and flew planes. Now in his 70s, he has the energy of a much younger man and is still wonderfully charming, funny, and just generally awesome to be around.

That said, he lives life on his terms and is undoubtedly his own mental point of origin. He can be flakey when it comes to making plans. Sometimes my mom will get frustrated and say things like "Uncle Tom is such an asshole!" Still, all of the women in my family, from my early-20s sisters to my late-50s mother, subconsciously acknowledge and defer to his masculine authority while in his presence. They seek his approval. We drove down to visit him once, and before we arrived my mom pulled the car over so she and my sisters could put on makeup before greeting him.

Both of these men were obviously consummate Alpha males. Their relationship success had nothing to do with the fact that they found a Quality Woman ™. Yes, my aunts were fine women, no doubt. But they weren't wooed by Betas. They were wooed by masculine, fun, exciting Alphas.

Too many men try to circumvent hypergamy by focusing on one side of the equation - the woman. They don't look in the mirror and honestly assess whether they are the type of guy that men want to be, and women want to fuck.

There is no escaping your burden of performance.