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3000 | 346 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by Dasigesi [Post Locked]
[-] Cbird54 857 Points 7 months ago

A reminder these are the same people who think we shouldn't have guns.

[-] FlorianPicasso 271 Points 7 months ago

Classic projection. They don't trust themselves with lethal power, they don't believe they can trust anyone with it.

[-] whiteonrice69 100 Points 7 months ago

They have no problem with the Military and Cops having guns. Weirdo logic for dem dere liberals

[-] Whydoyouhatefreedom 61 Points 7 months ago

The Police should be the only people with guns!!

The Police are systemically racist!!

[-] FlorianPicasso 53 Points 7 months ago

What are you talking about? Obviously that one cuck had a problem with a cop having a gun, he even tried to take it away!

[-] donottakethisserious 17 Points 7 months ago

Hillary and Obama be talking about taking away guns while there are dozens of people surrounding them, protecting them....with guns. These elites that control our government think only them should be allowed to have protection.

[-] rantrantrantt 1 Point 6 months ago

Many do have a problem with that actually.

[-] XXXmormon 1 Point 6 months ago

Lol they want to take away their guns too.

This was organized by the same group that disrupted the trump rallies in Portland.

[-] NIMBLE_ENERGY 60 Points 7 months ago

Bingo. Democrats hate guns because they themselves can't be trusted with them. "Why do you carry a gun. Who are you planning to shoot?" How many times do you hear that from these types of people. They don't think it's odd at all. How many times do anyone other than "Progressives" or "Democrats" make the assumption that the gun you're carrying is going to be, or simply HAS TO BE, used on someone?

I haven't seen it from anyone other than "liberals". Of course, you're going to have some "GOTCHA" asshole that's going to be like "Uhhhh, I know a guy that...", but we're playing an odds game. It's like telling me that because around 3% of the Arabic population in America are actually Non-Muslims, that Omar Mateen was probably a radical NRA Christian, or radicalized because of such. Now, who would claim that? No one, that's who-.......oh, wait....

[-] nekoexmachina 40 Points 7 months ago

"Why do you carry a gun. Who are you planning to shoot?"

sounds like "Why do you carry a penis. Who are you planning to rape?" or "Why do you carry your breasts. Who are you planning to breast-feed?" Or something in that lines.

Legion os stoopid are those fucking morons of the left.

[-] TrumpMilo2016 36 Points 7 months ago

Don't give them more ideas. Turbofemenists will be calling on all men to have their penises surgically removed to "prevent rape".

Except for muslims because raping women and children and everything else that moves and some things that don't is part of their enlightened culture.

[-] FSMhelpusall 5 Points 6 months ago


Also known as regular mainstream feminists

[-] THEREALPeanutGalaxy 2 Points 6 months ago

No turbo feminists are different. Turbo feminists are using megaphones.

[-] GelComb 9 Points 7 months ago

I'm pro-gun but that's a bad argument; breasts and penises are biologically attached and follow you no matter what, wherever you go.

[-] Laterally_Cant_Even 7 Points 7 months ago

hah, leftists came up with the incompetent term, "Testosterone poisoning"... they can not be trusted with the truth.

[-] unsureaboutusername -7 Point 7 months ago

Except penises and breasts are natural things that have other uses besides rape and breast feeding and you don't get to choose whether or not you have them. If you're gonna make fun of left-wing liberals for being "morons" try not to be an even bigger one yourself. I'd love to hear what other use a gun that you carry around has than to shoot somebody.

Edit: I'm not explicitly talking about using the gun to unlawfully shoot innocent people. I know most people who carry a gun do so for protection, but shooting a dangerous person out of self defense is still shooting somebody. I should have clarified that point earlier.

[-] nekoexmachina 4 Points 7 months ago

Except penises and breasts are natural things that have other uses besides rape and breast feeding and you don't get to choose whether or not you have them.

Medical Surgeries are quite advanced this days, just so you know.

[-] nerdfacenyan 4 Points 7 months ago

so you're telling me the only purpose of a firearm is to unlawfully kill other human beings?

[-] tits_and_gravy 7 Points 6 months ago

I've been using my skeet gun wrong all these years!

[-] Blubalz 3 Points 6 months ago

I finally was able to get out last weekend to the range and sight in my new .556 rifle. Some people call it an assault rifle, but oddly it didn't matter how long I held down the trigger...only one bullet came out until I pressed it again.

I enjoy going out and target shooting, it's a skill test, a test of patience, a test of focus, and can be a stress reliever. 25 yards standing with the gun shouldered using a rear MBUIS and front A2. Took about 5 shots before I got it down to about a 3-inch grouping. I was happy with that just standing with flip-up sights at 25 yards.

I guess a lot of people just don't realize how fun target practice can be until they do it themselves.

[-] unsureaboutusername 0 Points 6 months ago

In this situation I'm talking about carrying a gun, based around the question "Why do you carry a gun. Who are you planning to shoot?". I have no problem with using guns for sport (i.e. hunting and skeet shooting). That being said, in my mind, a skeet gun is in the same category as a baseball bat, and it would be just as weird and suspicious for somebody to walk around with a baseball bat as it would be to walk around with a skeet gun. (Although I guess both could be used for self defense)

[-] unsureaboutusername 0 Points 6 months ago

I never said unlawfully. The answer to "Why do you carry a gun. Who are you planning to shoot?" is obviously "It's for self defense. I'm going to use the gun to protect myself from dangerous people".

[-] nerdfacenyan 1 Point 6 months ago

Nope. I like how they work and I own historical firearms for that value alone. Try again

[-] unsureaboutusername 0 Points 6 months ago

You carry around historical firearms?

[-] nerdfacenyan 1 Point 6 months ago

I have a Winchester model 1894 in my vehicle. It's all I have of my grandfathers and he recently passed away.

[-] Hinzig -1 Point 6 months ago

He didn't say anything about unlawful, didn't he? Am I seriously reading down there that a gun can be compared to water/a computer and a car in regard to their peaceful use? A gun is made to shoot, what other purpose does it fulfill that other tools can't do even better? Shooting things is only necessary in 2 scenarios: to hunt (I would say that is legitimate), and to harm humans, which might be necessary sometimes but shouldnt be so easy to do with guns/fireams as it is in the US.

[-] Lucretia_Macevil 2 Points 6 months ago

Ok how about a better analogy?

Why do you have a car if you're just going to run people over? Why do you have water if you're just going to drown someone? Why do you have a computer if you're just going to look at CP?

Many good things can be used in bad ways, but those aren't their only uses.

[-] unsureaboutusername 0 Points 6 months ago

None of those are better analogies. All of those things have other non-harmful uses. I'm sure there are creative and useful ways to use a gun other than shooting something living, but you can't sit there and tell me that people don't carry around a gun without the intention of using it. I'm not even against people having a concealed weapon for protection, but i think it's dumb to say that people have those guns for any other reason.

[-] Stalking_your_pylons -1 Point 7 months ago

It's like christians saying "So if you are atheist, you are gonna rape and murder people?"

[-] FalconGK81 20 Points 7 months ago

Not true. They love guns. As long as it's in the government's hands. They're authoritarian statists who hate liberty.

[-] Pkbeefatude 10 Points 7 months ago

The older I get the more I see that progressive, in all of its forms, (socialism communism, the american left etc.) is immaturity, jealousy and greed translated into a political philosophy.

People on the "left" end of the spectrum are perpetual children, and that is all there is to it.

[-] FlorianPicasso 3 Points 6 months ago

At least most of us grow up! I was certainly a lefty, but that was well over 20 years ago. I guess 1988 was the turning point for me, HWB was my choice. I lived in Mass at the time and I couldn't stand Dukakis or his bitchy daughter.

[-] gallantBlackKnight 73 Points 7 months ago

And they're saying he should use an "assault rifle", which was made up to ban scary looking weapons these people don't like.

[-] RobBelmonte 15 Points 7 months ago

That's assault "weapon." Assault rifle refers to a rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge with selective fire capability.

[-] PS2viciado 18 Points 7 months ago

I just call them boomsticks.

[-] XXXmormon 1 Point 6 months ago
[-] readonlypdf 5 Points 7 months ago

exactly. I'm tempted to make an Assault riffle that would get passed the stupid Assault Weapons Bans.

[-] RobBelmonte 12 Points 7 months ago

Give it a wood stock, wood-finished magazine, and you're good to go.

[-] readonlypdf 3 Points 7 months ago

I mean sure, but about the High Capacity? i wonder if we could do extendable mags? Like a Mag connected to a Mag?

[-] VA_ALL_DAY 9 Points 7 months ago

Jungle clip them.

[-] RobBelmonte 8 Points 7 months ago

Mags all the way down. Joined together like some sort of segmented arthropod....

[-] readonlypdf 6 Points 7 months ago

Centipede Mags?!

[-] THEREALPeanutGalaxy 1 Point 6 months ago

There you go!

[-] THEREALPeanutGalaxy 1 Point 6 months ago

There you go!

[-] NineToFiveTrap 1 Point 6 months ago

It's mags all the way down. Lmao

[-] BlueMagician35 6 Points 7 months ago

Like dual mags?

[-] readonlypdf 0 Points 6 months ago

Sort of, but I mean more like you can remove the bottom of one mag, Attack the spring feeding mechanism to the one below it and then attach the bottom of one mag to the top of the previous one, and lock them together. and you can daisy chain them to get a traditional 30 Round Magazine

[-] Refrigeratorkebob 1 Point 6 months ago

You can't do that.

[-] readonlypdf 1 Point 6 months ago

why not?! I'm sure its Physically possible.

[-] oryxdrive 1 Point 6 months ago

Tube mag like some 22s and shotguns have.

[-] OMGorilla 1 Point 6 months ago

Nothing in the AWB applies to assault rifles. The AWB is for semi-automatic rifles. Assault rifles are not semi-auto, they're select fire or fully-automatic.

[-] readonlypdf 1 Point 6 months ago

I know but AWB often uses cosmetic features to determine what is banned so true assault rifles can be subjected to them.

[-] KosherDensity 3 Points 7 months ago

"Assault" weapon?

The greatest weapon ever designed in the history of mankind resides inside our cranium.

[-] Waffles_Anus 0 Points 7 months ago

To be fair, the gun industry used the term first, and then quickly abandoned it.

[-] throwaway2348907987 1 Point 7 months ago

Hitler is thought to have either created the term Sturmgewehr (English translation: assault rifle) or at least signed the order coining it such.

[-] Waffles_Anus 1 Point 6 months ago

Yeah, but the civilian gun market called them "Assault Rifles" from the 70s-80s because it sold more guns.

Here is a magazine cover from 1982.

[-] throwaway2348907987 1 Point 6 months ago

So a propaganda term to a marketing term back to a propaganda term...

[-] whitemaleprivileges 49 Points 7 months ago


This is the type of dude who thinks you can pick up an AR15 and murder hundreds of people a second, that it's just that simple and easy because that's what it's like in the video games. I've argued with these retards before and believe me, they are very creative and very disturbing with their imagined scenarios.

This dude didn't know about holster retention. This dude didn't think that cop would be able to beat his ass ten ways to Sunday the second he reached for it. This dude, had he even gotten the gun out, probably wouldn't have been able to properly aim it and likely would have just shot a bystander. Thank the police, this idiot had his ass handed to him toot sweet.

[-] cdterfy 23 Points 7 months ago

Like who is actually dumb enough to try and take a gun from a cop. Its literally tugging on something attached to their waist, hoping to get it out without being bodied, then still being calm enough and having enough clearance from said cop who is really pissed now to be able to take a meaningful shot. Who the fuck thinks they can pull that off?

[-] whitemaleprivileges 27 Points 7 months ago

The same people who are attempting to fetishize gun violence. Their strategy is to equate video game violence and Hollywood bullshit to the firearms reality. Their work probably encourages copy cats, and other deranged violent leftists like this retard. It's their fault and they should own up to it. They're trying to give honest law abiding citizens a bad name, but it's them who drag us through the dirt.

[-] cdterfy 11 Points 7 months ago

Lord, don't even get me started on video game violence. I wrote a 5000 word essay debunking it for my Composition 2 class that my professor and I attempted to get published in an academic journal. Anyone who says video games cause violence is flat wrong and should learn more. Anyone who has read the facts and still wants to stick to that narrative isn't worth talking to anymore. That's the mark of a person who believes themselves and their opinions above facts. You're better off talking to a rock.

[-] MAGASAURUS_REX 6 Points 6 months ago

Video games cause violence but watching The Godfather is ok because I like it.

[-] Tethrinaa 1 Point 6 months ago

Any luck getting it published? Anywhere I can read a copy?

[-] cdterfy 1 Point 6 months ago

No luck in publishing, though if you'd like to read it, I could send you a copy or get it to you through Dropbox once I'm home from work!

[-] KosherDensity 5 Points 7 months ago

There is a vast gulf between being able to kill and actually killing. Most can't cross that gulf and that is a good thing. It takes an immense amount of training and mental conditioning to prepare members of our Armed Forces to be able to kill and we still have massive psychological trauma to deal with. Killing other human beings WILL diminish you and that is why we have such problems with it. It runs contrary to our social being aspect.

The only people who do not have this hurdle to killing are psychopaths.

[-] whitemaleprivileges 7 Points 7 months ago

“I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.”

-Stephen King, The Gunslinger

[-] MAGASAURUS_REX 1 Point 6 months ago

Roland is a bad mother fucker.

[-] whitemaleprivileges 2 Points 6 months ago

You know I've never actually read any Stephen King, not even a synopsis. I have, however, read and heard discussion of his work many times. This quote is merely a repost for me; I read it first in this type of conversation probably on /r/guns or /r/progun or maybe even /r/hunting.

The sad truth is that many liberals simply believe that humans are merely animals. I can only assume this is a correlation to the failing of religion. But that is how they justify violence in all aspects of their worldview. They try to control what we say. They try to control us with taxes. They take our freedoms, and they refuse to admit it's by force. That our laws and taxes are enforced with the threat of violence and imprisonment. They are not anti-gun, they are anti-peasantry. They are not pro-immigrant, they are pro-oligarchy. This disturbing worldview puts things upside down. It's an absolute failing of philosophy.

It's how they attack hunting as barbary, when in fact their meat comes from mass barbary in the form of CAFOs. This is often how I expose their beliefs. I will discuss the intricacies of slaughter, to which they forcefully censor me rather than voluntarily remove themselves. For the faint of heart, skip the rest of this paragraph. The ideal shot placement to end an animal's life, in my observation and study, is directly to the stem of the brain. With enough direct mutilation of flesh, and dismemberment due to cavitation, you achieve an immediate disinhibition of motor neurons. This is a feedback response, letting you know you ended their life literally faster than the nerves could carry the pain or realization. The animal twitches. The brain, you see, is actively suppressing a default setting of a sine wave type flexing of muscles.


That sounds most disturbing, but isn't it more disturbing to raise mass quantities of sickly meat bags, terrified and grotesque in their slaughter? I'd prefer my meat raised with love, or freedom, thank you very much. I'm a human, and I carry a responsibility greater than that of any other animal. We are different. Do not let the liberals obfuscate the truth of their violence, and of our true struggle for liberation.

[-] Ubersaucey 2 Points 6 months ago

best shot placement in the real world, no offense to Mr. King is generally (on larger game) in the chest cavity, directed at the heart and lungs.The larger target the heart and lungs present gives the best possible chance of a lethal wound, reliably killing rather than injuring the critter. No one is comfortable with extending the animals suffering or wounding it to die later due to infection or complications of the injury you inflicted.

[-] whitemaleprivileges 1 Point 6 months ago

That's absolutely correct. When there is any chance of shot variance, it is much safer for everyone involved to shoot for the heart and lungs.

The point is you have a nuanced opinion, based on facts and logic. That's the kind of conversation that is censored unfortunately.

[-] VA_ALL_DAY 17 Points 7 months ago

America doesn't have a gun problem, it has a violent left problem.

[-] KosherDensity 9 Points 7 months ago

90% of gun violence is committed by Democratic voters.

[-] milkhotdog 1 Point 6 months ago

Well, then it makes sense why they want to blame guns and not people.

[-] Here4thafreevapestuf 7 Points 7 months ago


[-] TheWallGrowsTaller 3 Points 7 months ago


Trump's wall just got 10 feet higher! High Energy

Total height: 208440ft.

We are 66.876% of the distance to the start of the Thermosphere (311680ft)! 103240ft remaining.
Once reached, it'll officially be renamed to Trumposphere


[-] maga_nrg_man 3 Points 6 months ago

Of course they want gun control. They don't want the law-abiding gun owners to shoot back at them, the criminals.

[-] HillaryForPrison__ 2 Points 7 months ago

Maybe THEY shouldn't have guns.

[-] RageOverflows 2 Points 7 months ago

No no, they don't want anyone else to be able to have guns.

[-] cdterfy 256 Points 7 months ago

This is sickening. These are real people advocating the death of someone just because they don't agree with him. And more than likely, they don't know why they hate Trump, they just do because the media tells them to.

I never see the right advocating for anything like this. The last few weeks have shown me that liberals can be the most vile, cruel, self centred people in the world.

[-] BETAFrog 75 Points 7 months ago

Imagine if this happened to young Obama during his first run and those were Republicans saying that kind of garbage...

[-] Chewies_Mom 24 Points 7 months ago

tbf I read a few people express that opinion in 08. and almost none in 12. people fear change.

[-] xscamerashyy 3 Points 6 months ago

people did say that shit. I remember arrests made of people who posted on social media that they would kill him if they had the chance.

[-] horoblast 27 Points 7 months ago

What are they going to do next, start burning books?

[-] HeshMan96 23 Points 7 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised if more tried to get Huckleberry Finn banned for use of the word "nigger"

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_SENATORS 15 Points 7 months ago

I was called a racist by a pot smoking fatty with HIV because I was talking about that book with my cousin and mentioned that character. Pretty sure we were talking about how racist it was...soo...

[-] dankmernes 3 Points 6 months ago

Well, that's an easy, "fuck off" to that idiot regardless.

[-] spencer_duley 1 Point 6 months ago

You can't talk about race. Das rasic /s

[-] Duvalpede 6 Points 6 months ago

I believe they don't allow that book to be read in schools anymore specifically for that reason.

[-] EricPeterson623 5 Points 7 months ago

You should read The Book Thief. It has happened before.

[-] horoblast 10 Points 7 months ago

Yeah that's what totalitarian governments and their useful idiots always did, Hitler & the Nazi's, Mao & his Communism, ... However I do think the left has already started burning books, we shouldn't forget this is more a modern time. They burned books because they didn't like what was in them and banned/censored their speech, kind of what reddit, facebook, the left media, etc. has been doing for so long now.

[-] cdterfy 13 Points 7 months ago

In 1987, 1992, and 2006, there were incidents where schools censored or banned (or were called to ban) Fahrenheit 451 from classrooms which I think is basically the height of irony. Attempting to ban/censor a book whose main theme is that censorship/banning of books is wrong? Yeah, makes a lot of sense.

[-] horoblast 6 Points 7 months ago

Makes sense if you want to enslave your entire population

[-] Pontius__Pirate 3 Points 6 months ago

His intended point was about being anti TV. It gets lost because the book so heavily features the fight against censorship.

One of the funniest TIL's was about college student trying to correct Ray Bradbury on the meaning of his own book, not knowing it was the author himself giving the lecture.

[-] rektingyou 3 Points 7 months ago

Nazi book burning is grossly exaggerated. The allies burned more than twice as much literature than the Nazis did and no one even brings it up.

[-] horoblast 4 Points 7 months ago

History is written by the victor, so let's ignore things like 1 million Indians dying of starvation because the UK didn't want to feed them and kept food behind just in case their troops needed it more. But yeah, Nazi's bad, we good.

[-] TheKappaOverlord 3 Points 6 months ago

"This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If she lives, and we die, her truth becomes written - and ours is lost. Shillary will be a hero, 'cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. She's about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. Her truth will be the truth. But only if she lives, and we die."

[-] jarod467 2 Points 6 months ago

Out of curiosity what would they have burned? Pro-Hitler propaganda, racist literature, eugenics documents/research, etc?

[-] Niekisch 1 Point 6 months ago

Yep. Post-WWII at least 30,000 individual titles (millions of books) were destroyed by Allied occupation authorities, and for exactly the same reasons as why German university students had initiated their own book burnings - to obliterate certain historical narratives, to remove 'degenerate' ideas from society, to try and control political thought. But because it wasn't done with eye-catching National Socialist ritualistic pomp and ceremony, and because we did it as victors, it's seen as justifiable. Also possible that a lot of people just don't know about it- or about the Morgenthau Plan, or the large numbers of Germans moved into concentration camps & forced labour after their country's surrender. There was a lot of rough justice distributed by the Allies which we tend to gloss over now.

[-] rektingyou 4 Points 6 months ago

That's because McCarthy was right and commies had infiltrated the US Government. They've been the ones heading up what kids are taught in schools, indoctrinating them with a false history, a Jewified history. It's bullshit.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 months ago

It has happened before.

No shit?

[-] Trump_Up_Your_Life 1 Point 7 months ago

People don't read books anymore, they read Facebook, Twitter, and watch the news. And all of those are censored. So effectively, they're burning the books of our generation.

[-] horoblast 2 Points 6 months ago


[-] EricPeterson623 14 Points 7 months ago

When you are a sheep, and the sheep dog tells you to go a certain direction, you do not defy him. Else you will be eaten by the wolves.

[-] cdterfy 10 Points 7 months ago

Hence the reason I hid my support for Trump until the last couple weeks. If I ever even mentioned that Trump had a point on an issue, I'd be laughed at. They hate because they are told to. But when the God Emperor takes office, I'll be the one laughing all the way to prosperity.

[-] EricPeterson623 15 Points 7 months ago

Same thing happened to me back when everyone wanted Obama in office. Now when someone complains I mock them.

"Oh your health insurance is too expensive? Guess you shoulda voted for Romney or Mccain huh? But hey, least Obama is black so you're not a racist huh?"

[-] [deleted] 6 Points 7 months ago

TFW you realize the left are literally Nazis and right-wingers are the new Jews

[-] zxmxncbv 5 Points 6 months ago

I'm not surprised by it at all. When Scalia died, liberals I knew were gleeful and jumping with joy.

[-] Pontius__Pirate 6 Points 6 months ago

That pissed me off more than anything else in politics. He hadn't been dead for ten minutes before liberals started celebrating.

[-] sir_throbbin_hood 3 Points 6 months ago

Not sure why you got downvoted, then again I'm not sure why I got banned from r/politics for asking a manic depressive liberal to relax.

What you said is complete fact. There were hundreds of articles talking about how his death means we can finally have "sensible gun control"

[-] sir_throbbin_hood 5 Points 6 months ago

There are people that bitterly hate Obama and Clinton. I especially hate Hillary. But never in my wildest dreams would I advocate their death or applaud anyone that tried. I also say this as the owner of baby killin 100 rounds per second assault weapons.

[-] UnexpectedDubstep 1 Point 6 months ago

Yep. We have to stay civil and decent, and never stoop to the level of the liberals. Gotta overwhelmingly show them how Trump and his supporters are the real kind and respectful people of this nation, so even they cannot deny it.

[-] thoth1000 3 Points 7 months ago

I have seen lots of people say they want to kill Obama online. This is gross, but Obama has been threatened online a lot.

[-] PM_Yo_Pussy 5 Points 7 months ago

There are crazy people in both parties.

[-] thoth1000 2 Points 7 months ago


[-] jarod467 1 Point 6 months ago

Did anyone ever seriously try to kill him?

[-] thoth1000 2 Points 6 months ago

I mean, people have gotten through the White House fence before and were taken down. I'm not sure as to their motivations. But I've seen posts by people online saying they would like to kill Obama. It's not the same as what this guy did, but I never claimed that it was, I was just merely saying that people on the alt-right have advocated for it.

[-] 10gauge 220 Points 7 months ago

Liberals are often some of the most vile, violent people. They are the American version of Muslim extremists; use an illogical and corrupt theology and ideology to advance hate and violence toward other people while lying by claiming to be peaceful.

[-] ikeepgettingbanned3 81 Points 7 months ago

Preach! The commenters are the "moderates" cheering on the radical for his actions but unwilling to put their lives on the line and do it themselves. I see why they admire Islam so much. Fucking scumbags

[-] -JDubs- 39 Points 7 months ago

Wow, that correlation is spot fucking on. Mind. Blown.

[-] Starman164 12 Points 7 months ago

Holy shit it's pretty much 1 to 1 though, weren't there some "moderate" muslims doing the same sort of cheering on Omar Mateen? Wow that is scary to think about.

[-] mportz 2 Points 6 months ago

Holy shit it's pretty much 1 to 1 though, weren't there some "moderate" muslims doing the same sort of cheering on Omar Mateen? Wow that is scary to think about.

Yes. There was one in Canada that did it while on the job and got "suspended" for it.

[-] Trump_Up_Your_Life 3 Points 7 months ago

Kind of like government. People won't point a gun at you and make you pay for their college, but they'll rally behind the government guns that will.

[-] ikeepgettingbanned3 2 Points 6 months ago

Yay take freedom and power away from the people!!! Omg soshulizm rox!!!

[-] Killar-12 2 Points 6 months ago

I have a bad feeling that people are going to have to endure socialism and shit to realize that's bull

[-] Muntberg 2 Points 6 months ago

There was a fucking muslim in our government who cheered it.

[-] Euphemism 1 Point 6 months ago

No way... source? I find this hard to believe.. ((I don't))

[-] Muntberg 2 Points 6 months ago

I saw it on here last night, CBC was reporting it. He got suspended I think.

[-] VomitFreeSince73 15 Points 7 months ago

You deserve a gold medal.

[-] sply1 1 Point 6 months ago

Once they (leftists) get the green light to hate something or someone it's pretty frightening.

[-] Avatarius87 152 Points 7 months ago

Are these people being reported to authorities?

[-] moskies 108 Points 7 months ago

Nah, but don't worry, the guy who actually made the attempt will be. He will be enjoying early morning shower block sessions with Jamal for many years.

[-] Seriouscatt 92 Points 7 months ago

His asshole will be wider than the holes in Hillary's stories

[-] TheHighestEagle 28 Points 7 months ago

That's impossible. May be close though.

[-] Seriouscatt 13 Points 7 months ago

Dont worry, Im sure he'll have a good decade or two in prison

[-] SaintNicolasD 2 Points 6 months ago

Doubt it. What will probably happen is the media will glorify him and encourage other liberals to do the same

[-] ThereAreTwoGenders 1 Point 6 months ago

Or, knowing how corrupt the legal system is in the US, a couple years.

[-] rossiFan 4 Points 7 months ago

Gay for the stay, you say?

[-] jaywalker32 3 Points 7 months ago

The After and Before pic

[-] TheKappaOverlord 1 Point 6 months ago


[-] Dragofireheart 23 Points 7 months ago


Billy Bob is sad. Multiculturalism fucked up his prison paradise.

[-] readonlypdf 2 Points 7 months ago

Don't worry I heard Jose also wants in.

[-] Jerkboy13 5 Points 7 months ago

Here's to cultural enriching soap dropping!

[-] EricPeterson623 4 Points 7 months ago

I'd have a good laugh is Obama pardoned him.

[-] myndzha 1 Point 7 months ago

Yea he is fucked. White groups tend to be nationalistic / patriotic so there's no fucking way they're going to protect him.

[-] The_Truth_is_a_Troll 9 Points 7 months ago

Always report to law-enforcement authorities, it's pointless reporting to Facebook.

[-] sh0wt1m3 1 Point 7 months ago

Most the comments are from forgein people not in usa

[-] Dragofireheart 115 Points 7 months ago


What % of the mass shooters in the past decade are registered Democrats or openly supportive of liberal ideology?

[-] calm-forest 96 Points 7 months ago

something like 90%

[-] Dragofireheart 37 Points 7 months ago



[-] kyro5411 17 Points 7 months ago

If you don't love America, GTFO!

[-] ATryHardTaco 4 Points 7 months ago

Democrats are A-OK in my book. But Liberals? FUCK 'EM ALL TO DEATH!

[-] Syn7axError 1 Point 6 months ago

Really? It's the opposite for me. There are all kinds of liberals and standpoints, but there's only one democratic platform.

[-] theycallmeryan 1 Point 7 months ago

I know it's a joke, but deporting people who disagree is almost as bad as wanting to kill those who disagree.

[-] silflay 24 Points 7 months ago

Gun control only applies to people they don't agree with. Much like suppression of free speech.

[-] ThomasPaine4Trump 8 Points 7 months ago

I carry a gun because a liberal is never far away.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 6 months ago


[-] Sour_Badger 3 Points 6 months ago

Nope. Protect yourself from the demographic who are responsible for 90% of the gun deaths in the US. I can speak slower if need be.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 6 months ago


[-] Sour_Badger 3 Points 6 months ago

Are you that twisted that someone suggesting a firearm for protection is implied murder? if it was used by a conservative statistics show it would be in self defense to an aggressor 9/10.

[-] ThomasPaine4Trump 2 Points 6 months ago

Not remotely what I said. Pay attention to context, retard. I said I carry a gun because liberals are everywhere. Given that 99% of gun violence is carried out by the left, being protected from a dangerous demographic is a quite reasonable position.

[-] EricPeterson623 6 Points 7 months ago

After years of believing what Democrats & Liberals believe and being knee deep in bullshit, yet thinking its a field of beautiful flowers, one simply becomes mentally unstable and the only way out has to be a gun and a crowd of people.

[-] mingve 30 Points 7 months ago

There was a survey done a while back that found that 70% of felons were registered Dems, so I would guess around 70%.

[-] richmomz 22 Points 7 months ago

Liberalism has a criminal bias.

[-] Murican_Freedom1776 12 Points 7 months ago

That explains why Crooked Clinton is a liberal.

[-] nater255 2 Points 6 months ago

I seriously doubt 70% of felons are even registered to vote, I'm not sure i buy this.

[-] Syn7axError 2 Points 6 months ago

It could mean that they were registered dems before being felons.

[-] nater255 1 Point 6 months ago

What I mean to say is, and this is not based on any statistics or anything, just my inclination, that the majority of the people who become felons are not involved enough in politics to be registered with a party. In general, not always, but registering with a political party shows a certain level of awareness of citizenship that I think indicates a person probably isn't going to be committing any major crimes. Even if that person may have opposite or extreme views politically, MOST of them probably aren't out committing felonies.

Just my thoughts.

[-] Refrigeratorkebob 1 Point 6 months ago

*Were registered dems. As in past tense

All the Chicago gang bangers, they aren't republican

all the Mexican illegals, they aren't republican either

felons cannot vote fyi

[-] dankmernes 6 Points 7 months ago

What percentage of everyday "regular shootings" are by democrats or open liberals?

What is the difference in kill count?

[-] inexorabledonger 69 Points 7 months ago

all of the people who liked that should be put on a list so that they are never allowed access to guns as per their own gun control proposals

[-] Ibex3D 11 Points 7 months ago

No but they want to kill someone liberals don't like so it's okay.

[-] AggiePetroleum 63 Points 7 months ago

The media should be held responsible for painting Trump as Hitler. The majority of people are stupid. This is something that I have accepted.

[-] DeptOfHasbara 15 Points 7 months ago

What do you do when it's virtually all the papers doing it? I suppose you could start with the ones openly advocating violence like HuffPo or whatever.

The alternative, which nobody wants, is for right wing papers to call for violence in return. But maybe that has to happen to wake this stupid administration up.

[-] SonOfOldYeller 12 Points 7 months ago

All part of their plan. They can't win in a fair fight - they know that they have screwed up the country over the past 7.5 years, but refuse to relinquish power to the opposition.

[-] FantasticCellTech 52 Points 7 months ago

Future liberal mass shooters in training.

No wonder they want to ban guns.


[-] DrOOpieS 6 Points 6 months ago

They're idiots. Civilians can't get the medal of honor. Congressional medal of freedom is the correct answer. How are they so dense?

[-] AjPjSay 1 Point 6 months ago



[-] gomamon15 38 Points 7 months ago

"Man arrested for trying to take police officer's gun at GOP Candidate's Las Vegas rally."

The above quote is how it shows up in the "trending" news on Facebook. No mention of him wanting to kill Trump, just that he tried to "take" a "police officer's gun."

Surely Facebook wouldn't be trying to hide the truth from its legions of brainwashed users? /sarc

[-] Starman164 6 Points 7 months ago

Nah, they'd never do that! Remember, Facebook doesn't censor news that works against their agenda, remember that conference they had with those conservative figures? Zuckerberg is your friend! /s

[-] gomamon15 1 Point 7 months ago

"No of course not, the way David Fincher portrayed him in "The Social Network" was all fabrication. Zuckerberg is just a sweet little billionaire nerd who always has your best interests at heart.

If you still don't believe us... we will ban you for violating the terms and agreements of our website."

[-] MAGA_Capitalist 28 Points 7 months ago

I should be surprised by the amount of hate the left has. But I'm not.

[-] COAT_REMOVAL_SERVICE 11 Points 7 months ago

I am. (I'm not, either.)

[-] Falstad007 25 Points 7 months ago

This is one of the few things I've seen on the internet that genuinely makes me uneasy.

[-] StJimmy92 16 Points 7 months ago

Yeah. I told two of my Bernout friends about the attempt to see how they would react. First one said "Good?" Then after a minute or two he said "kill everyone, I hate the world, I'm edgy" or something like that. The only other thing he had to say was "sounds like he was a teenage edgelord."

The second's first response was literally "hahahaha" followed up with "too bad it wasn't Hillary, and because then she'd be gone and Bernie would run." That's all he had to say too. I couldn't believe it.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_GUAC_BOWL 3 Points 7 months ago

I refuse to believe that actual high school or college students talk like this. This isnt happening

[-] ButthurtSJWBelow 2 Points 6 months ago

Really? these are some of the same people working in the government or running big silicon valley companies. College isn't like it used to be, any moron now can get in.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_GUAC_BOWL 1 Point 6 months ago

We're fucked :(

[-] StJimmy92 1 Point 7 months ago

The first one is 20, the other is 23.

[-] rozz_tox 2 Points 6 months ago

Time for new friends, homie.

[-] myrptaway 18 Points 7 months ago

Report all them comments to the police.

[-] TheHighestEagle 12 Points 7 months ago

They can't do anything to people, especially if they are in other countries.

Fuck, the FBI knew about and even interviewed this Orlando shooter and let him do what he did. Police won't do shit unfortunately.

[-] mingve 7 Points 7 months ago

Police won't do shit unfortunately.

Even for some actual crimes the police wont do anything. There was a New York Court Case where 2 cops watched 3 people get stabbed on a subway car and they only intervened after one of the victims stabbed his attacker with his own knife. These victims sued the police and the courts ruled that Cops don't have to stop crimes if there is a threat to their safety.

Edit: I found it the case is called Lozito vs New York. Here is a Ny post article about the case. Feel free to do your own research my fellow Trumpers. It also appears that only Lozito was stabbed. I have no idea where 3 people came from sorry.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_SENATORS 6 Points 7 months ago

San Jose being another example of them not doing jack shit.

[-] mingve 1 Point 7 months ago

I just wish I could remember the name of that court case because no one believes me when I tell them about it. Also this is the reason everyone should go get a concealed carry and gun free zones should be illegal.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_SENATORS 2 Points 6 months ago

I carry concealed in places that say no firearms. Fuck em.

[-] mingve 1 Point 6 months ago

Just don't get caught it would suck to get arrested for using your second amendment rights.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_SENATORS 1 Point 6 months ago

Especially since I often carry in California, land of the mass shootings. Arizona doesn't nearly have as many. I don't feel safe going to CA.

[-] cozye 2 Points 6 months ago

Can you link the court ruling?

[-] mingve 1 Point 6 months ago

Found it the civil suit from it is at the bottom of the page. The case is called Lozito vs New York. Here it is

[-] Hydris 2 Points 6 months ago

Pretty fucked up considering the whole motto is Protect and serve. You could stop that without getting within 20 ft of that crime. YOU HAVE A GUN!

At that point i would say i don't have to pay taxes because my tax's go towards the police who don't have to do their job.

[-] mingve 1 Point 6 months ago

It's real fucked up.

Edit: Especially considering that those cops were on the train to catch the guy who was stabbing people, and he tried to break into the conductors car(where the cops were hiding).

[-] counterforces 16 Points 7 months ago

Should probably call up their parents or workplace and report their behavior. I don't think Kentucky Fried Tendies wants their employees representing them like this.

[-] DX5 5 Points 7 months ago

Kentucky Fried Tendies still has employees? I thought they all got replaced by robots.

[-] [deleted] 16 Points 7 months ago

Why block out their names? I want to know who these terrorists are.

[-] BigusoBossu 15 Points 7 months ago

These are also the same people who could conceivably be the heirs of the socialist progressive state. This is how you get nazi Germany.

[-] therightmustrise 14 Points 7 months ago

Stop calling them "liberals", call them what they are, leftists.

[-] readonlypdf 10 Points 7 months ago

yeah Leftists ruined the word liberal. Liberal used to mean what Libertarian Does today.

[-] ButthurtSJWBelow 0 Points 6 months ago

No it didn't.. how many liberals used to want to limit social programs if not dissolve them. If you're talking about left-libertarians that is completely different.

[-] readonlypdf 3 Points 6 months ago

There is a reason people like Jefferson and Madison are called "Classical Liberals"

[-] ButthurtSJWBelow 1 Point 6 months ago

Then you could say that for any party today, none of them stayed the same. That was so long ago political ideals are completely different.

[-] Syn7axError 3 Points 6 months ago

Not the same thing. Classical liberalism is still around, and even the word "liberal" has drastically different definitions depending on the country currently. It's not that classical liberalism changed, it's that the democrats aren't classical liberals any more.

[-] MMAFan72 11 Points 7 months ago

Folks is it time we start pushing back on these assholes yet?

[-] rossiFan 11 Points 7 months ago

Wait til you see the whites of their eyes.

[-] Gronklywonk 1 Point 6 months ago

As a metaphor, this is perfect.

[-] SonOfOldYeller 5 Points 7 months ago

Beyond time - but the Media would relentlessly use that against us, claiming that "Adolf Trump" is using his own private army of "Brownshirts" to intimidate freedom loving protesters against hatred.

[-] nadoter 11 Points 7 months ago

liberal extremist kill people

moderate liberal want liberal extremist to kill people

now i get it why they love muslim

[-] malibu31 9 Points 6 months ago

The media is going to get Trump killed :(

He needs to speak out against this. The disguising media and the left is putting Trump and those around him (including Secret Service agents) in danger. This boils my blood.

[-] CameToSmash 8 Points 7 months ago

Nice aren't they? Liberal fucktards welcome political violence but pretend to be flower-children.

[-] dankmernes 1 Point 6 months ago

Have you never heard anyone wish Obama was dead? Google "pray for Obama death", read comments, realize hypocritical stance.

[-] CameToSmash 1 Point 6 months ago

Sorry to bug you again but I was thinking about how I've never contemplated Obama's death as some kind of political solution and thus not Googled the phrase. It's something I just would not want to see happen at all. We just have political differences, that's all, no-one has to die.

[-] dankmernes 1 Point 6 months ago

I agree, but to think that either side has some moral high ground is just not true.

The second you think your shit don't stink is when you've lost all introspection, and that is dangerous and just lame for being a person.

[-] CameToSmash 1 Point 6 months ago

LOL, very true. I hope everyone involved makes it through November alive.

[-] CameToSmash 1 Point 6 months ago

To be honest, I haven't really seen that kind of thing online. I have seen and read about more violent action on the part of the Democrats. After all, the Boston bomber and the Orlando shooter were both Democrats. Someone just tried to grab a cop's gun and shoot Trump. But that isn't well reported.

[-] dankmernes 1 Point 6 months ago

It was fucking rampant when he first took office. Fox News and other right wing site's comments were out of their minds with violent rhetoric, and though there were not all credible threats (much like the "good, I hope the next one get him") liberals for Trump, there were a lot.

Just dicking around, I saw a couple of stories about guys bringing guns to Obama rallies a few years ago, one being a "wish he was dead" guy.

Shit is polarized, yo. Both ways. Every year it's worse.

[-] JeffHanson368 7 Points 7 months ago

Replace "Trump" with "The President" and see how fast Secret Service shows up.

[-] Sealith 7 Points 7 months ago

Medal of honour

Aren't even Americans and think they know better. How about they go fix their own shithole.

[-] DonMyrma 6 Points 7 months ago

Petition to Stephen Colbert: Formally apologize for inciting violence

[-] DeptOfHasbara 4 Points 7 months ago

I used to have respect for Colbert. He lost it all.

[-] ekpg 6 Points 7 months ago

You should see my inbox. I posted the article last night and I had over 60 people saying how they wished he succeed. One guy said how he could have helped...

[-] X-MooseIbrahim 6 Points 7 months ago

"Muh tolerant liberals."

[-] Dassn 6 Points 7 months ago

These people have no idea how real world works

Do they not think what will happen if someone do succeed in assassinating Trump?


[-] polakfury 5 Points 7 months ago

Democrat voters = KKK

[-] blitzbomb4 5 Points 7 months ago

Wonder if they will make this guy a hero in the media like the guy that rushed the stage earlier this year.

[-] Euphemism 5 Points 7 months ago

Normally I'd say no, but this election has been such a shit show of lies, half-truths and mis-quotes against Trump I wouldn't put anything past the MSM smear campaign.

[-] EricPeterson623 0 Points 7 months ago

The guy that rushed the stage is still a nobody, barely anybody knows who he is.

[-] Haaselh0ff 5 Points 7 months ago

INB4 he's invited on all the top MSM networks to discuss why he wanted him dead and to spread his deranged ideology(read mental disease).

I expect CNN to get the exclusive FIRST followed by NBC who will do a half hour special on it. Then of course ABC will want a piece of that pie and will do a Good Morning America interview where they praise the guy for a good hour for his "bravery in stopping hate speech."

[-] BasedBender1729 4 Points 7 months ago

These fools see the writing on the wall and they know their time is coming to an end. President Trump and his followers will be bringing an end to the PC party. The Cuck brigades will cry, yell, stomp their feet, and even sink to the levels of violence but they will not prevail.

[-] lmaoKT 4 Points 7 months ago

Fucking. Degenerates.

[-] xemprah 4 Points 7 months ago

So progressive!

[-] Stacia_Asuna 4 Points 7 months ago


Gotta recognize the difference. Most liberals that post though are SJWs.

[-] Citizen03281970 4 Points 6 months ago

Wow, the whole social liberal movement has actually adopted the "Mars Attacks" approach. "We come in peace..." as they vaporize everybody in sight.

Why is this not a Meme?

[-] Anita360NoTrope 4 Points 7 months ago

I'm afraid this won't be the only time. We live in the era of virtue signaling while media personalities happily equate a provocative business man to Hitler on a regular basis. Assholes are going to keep trying because they know they'll be treated like Snowden with statues in Central Park and fame.

[-] qa2 3 Points 6 months ago

Some idiots gonna see these comments and think he'll be a hero if he kills trump. Disgusting. If you don't like the man don't vote for him. Fuckin people

[-] _fuckallofyou_ 3 Points 7 months ago

It's a fact that liberals are violent psychopaths, this just proves it even more.

[-] ilokit 1 Point 6 months ago

Can confirm. I was killed by an Engineering major.

[-] boggle247 3 Points 6 months ago

Rule 9: you should send the uncensored page and the names of the people to the FBI

[-] conscience1121 3 Points 7 months ago

Come on, we're /r/the_donald! Are we really getting worked up over some jokers on facebook?

[-] kn1820 3 Points 7 months ago

Petition to kill on sight the next idiot who tries.

[-] Pereb27 3 Points 7 months ago

I'd argue you should only use lethal force in a situation where it is absolutely necessary. You wouldn't want to stoop down to their level, would you? Especially when that's what they want.

[-] Archangel3550 3 Points 7 months ago

This is evil. Our opposition is pure evil, folks. And really ignorant. "Assault rifle". What a mess. Sad!

[-] Buttsex_and_Skittles 3 Points 6 months ago

Fucken Hypocrites every last one of them.

[-] SuperSmith_ 3 Points 6 months ago

Medal of Honour.


[-] dlr_firefly 3 Points 7 months ago

It's not like the bullets would have had any effect anyway. The bullets would have impacted on his golden skin and fallen to the floor. The God Emperor himself would have then scooped the fallen bullets up and, by hand mind you, forged a new projectile from those bullets. He would have then proceed to launch that bullet back at the would be assassin at the current speed of the Trump Train and obliterated them.

So, ya know, don't sweat it guys.

[-] TrumpTrain-bot 3 Points 7 months ago



That's 3.8974577770% of the speed of light (670,616,630 MPH)! Only 644479630 MPH left to go!

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^^^^Please ^^^^use ^^^^this ^^^^form ^^^^or ^^^^visit ^^^^/r/BotsByLiam ^^^^to ^^^^report ^^^^errors ^^^^or ^^^^make ^^^^suggestions!

[-] Sly_bacon 3 Points 6 months ago

I don't think Trump would make a president but wishing death on any person is just barbaric these people need to take a long look at themselves, disgusting.

[-] ThatFireDude 3 Points 7 months ago

I personally don't support Trump, but this kind of behaviour and support for an attempted murder is simply disgusting.

[-] Thirsty_Whale 3 Points 7 months ago

I think it's time to take to the streets and wipe out some of these unamericans. LOCK and LOAD PATRIOTS!

[-] ilokit 2 Points 6 months ago


[-] Elshak 3 Points 7 months ago


[-] michaelnkristy 2 Points 6 months ago

What's hilairious about the whole thing is that the would be killer tried to buy a gun prior but was rejected because of his mental issues.

[-] boredrandomguy 2 Points 7 months ago

If some turd does manage to kill Trump, I will be going on a Cuck Hunt.

[-] hascuckedfamily 2 Points 6 months ago

I put it in a comment yesterday but I called my (super cucked) brother and he was pretty quick to point out his idiocy, "Let me be fucking clear here dude, if he had killed Trump, I would be celebrating".

[-] DrJ209 2 Points 6 months ago

How can these fucking retards even attempt to claim the moral high ground when they call for someone to be killed for disagreeing with them?

[-] Kothen 2 Points 6 months ago

Please report these people to their employers.

Oh who am I kidding, they don't have jobs and are on Welfare most likely. Let's just hope they an hero when God Emperor wins.

[-] Trump_Up_Your_Life 2 Points 7 months ago

Radical liberals and muslims try to kill you.

Moderate liberals and muslims cheer it on.

[-] HillarysHotSauce 2 Points 6 months ago


[-] evesea 2 Points 7 months ago

How dare he have opposing political views! Murder is the only answer!

[-] ilokit 0 Points 6 months ago

That goes for both r/The_Donald and Facebook commentors.

[-] TrumpUK 2 Points 7 months ago

So when a lefty MP gets killed by a "Far right" crazy person we're all disgusting cunts that should take a look at our lives but when a lefty tries to kill a conservative presidential candidate it's completely fine and they should've succeeded? god help us all.

[-] AjPjSay 1 Point 6 months ago

Pretty much

[-] pusangani 2 Points 7 months ago

It's really telling that they think he deserves a medal for failing to kill Trump. These are the same cucks that think every kid should get a participation medal lol

[-] rmiller90 2 Points 7 months ago

Why are liberals so violent?

[-] jaydent1 7 Points 7 months ago

Halo polishers are violent because they've deluded themselves into thinking that they're the arbiters of objective morality. To disagree with them is to summon the likes of Satan himself. Adamant that their halo is of infinite luminescence, any act of violence on their behalf is merely a moral crusade in the pursuit of justice.

[-] ilokit 2 Points 6 months ago

Cut down on the purple prose.

[-] johncornwell 2 Points 6 months ago

Two words: Literally. Hitler.

[-] CMaxwellEE 2 Points 7 months ago

They are poking the bear, lets watch and see how well that will work out for them ;).

Go ahead liberals, establish a precedence for violence against protestors and murder attempts on politicians. Eventually they are going to build a stable enough foundation for the bear to maul them with impunity.

[-] Trump_The_Triumphant 2 Points 7 months ago

I literally had a "friend" say "TRY HARDER NEXT TIME" in response to the article.

[-] Forseti5 2 Points 7 months ago

Far left subreddits are already supporting and advocating more assassination attempts, especially r/anarchism and r/socialism Figure that would be against Reddit's rules or something, but hey who cares about applying rules equally or anything.

[-] Dropperneck 2 Points 7 months ago

What really pisses me off is Omar made my AR build come to a stand still. All noveske uppers I want are <out of stock>

Now that's terrorism right there

[-] SkeevyPete 1 Point 6 months ago

B-b-but you don't neeeeeeed to have guns! Therefore you shouldn't have them at all!

[-] Torridzone92 2 Points 6 months ago

For people who accuse conservatives of being fascist, I don't know anything more fascist then calling for the assassination of one of the candidates running for a democratically elected office because you disagree with them. Then again between the sjw movement and the feminist movement, it's been pretty well documented that these people don't understand the concept of irony.

[-] anonballs 2 Points 6 months ago

"so close"

Yeah not fucking really though. The pussy didn't even begin to get close.

[-] Tucos_cousin 2 Points 6 months ago

Was he British or "British"? finger quotes

[-] SkeevyPete 1 Point 6 months ago

I don't know what "British" means, but he was an illegal immigrant from the UK.

[-] Tucos_cousin 1 Point 6 months ago

Yeah who knows what British means these days anyways.

[-] Timmythesupercop 2 Points 6 months ago

Now, I would never wish death upon Hillary Clinton just several consecutive life sentences so she can think about what she's done.

[-] Son_Of_The_Empire 2 Points 7 months ago

Regressive leftists are the scum of the earth.

[-] LyraHF 2 Points 6 months ago

Nothing says tolerance like wanting to kill people who you don't agree with.

[-] AidsFrodo 2 Points 6 months ago

Wonder how they would react if these were the comments towards an attempted Bernie Sanders assassination. These people are vile and fucking disgusting.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 months ago


[-] Good-Writer 8 Points 7 months ago

Probably not. Also a horrible and shameful thing to say.

[-] AwayWeGo112 6 Points 7 months ago

Scott Adams said something really good about a Trump assassination is logical to anyone who thinks they are stopping the next Hitler. Anyone would see themselves as a hero for stopping the next Hitler.

I think people use it as a good excuse to criticize liberals, but the truth is we want our enemies dead. We want tyrants dead. I see what you mean.

But, I think truthfully that more people would be worried that her numbers would spike if someone tried to kill her or if someone else took her place.

Things like this make people question things. And at the end of the day, these are American citizens, until they are tried and convicted or treason, then we can't really wish them dead, especially by a lone civilian's hands.

But if it were an enemy of the state like Bin Laden, we would all be happy.

We see Hillary as an enemy of the state and they see Trump as one.

[-] PM_ME_YOUR_SENATORS 2 Points 7 months ago

On the other hand, she's responsible for the deaths of Americans while Trump isn't so...

[-] EricPeterson623 2 Points 7 months ago

Honestly I wouldn't. An assassination on anybody based on their belief's is wrong.

[-] CumblastExtravaganza 1 Point 7 months ago

Speak for yourself. I don't want that to happen to anyone. Well, maybe someone who is ACTUALLY Hitler.

[-] Dallasvega 1 Point 6 months ago

wow, we're killing people now......... Me first, let's start with all morons sub 130 IQ, that's most of you. Next, murder all persons with gene abnormalities, tired of your expenses. Only idiots boldly display hatred with conviction. So many disappointing souls.

[-] Douchebag_on_wheels 1 Point 7 months ago

Everyone who tries to kill Trump should get a gold medal.

Checks out

[-] CuckleberryFinnIV 1 Point 6 months ago

Sick Fucks. Imagine if some nut tried to kill Hill-dog. They would be howling like insane liberals. Er, you know what I mean.

[-] ThomasPaine4Trump 1 Point 6 months ago

Much the same happened with Salman Rushdie and the Satanic Verses controversy. Islam issued a fatwa against him for his novel, and liberals and his contemporaries refused to back him, saying he was...offensive!

"Maybe he went too far." "He offended the muslims. They have a right to kill him."

Those were the typical responses from the American left. They fell into inaction for the sake of inaction. Hitchens called these phenoma the principle of the wedge, the principle of the dangerous precedent, and the principle of unripe time.

Much like in the Satanic Verses controversy, liberals feel Trump deserves death because he has been deemed offensive by Islam. The Left is afraid of acting against Radical Islam for a number of reasons outlined above, and instead deflect their fear as anger onto the guy attempting to fix the problem.

[-] Rincidle 1 Point 6 months ago

These are the same people who criticised Americans for celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden because 'all death is tragic' or some bullshit.

[-] Bl4zeTMG 1 Point 6 months ago

This is disgusting.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 6 months ago

what a suprise

[-] TedCruzEatsBoogers2 1 Point 6 months ago

Applying the same logic in the recent TwoXChromosomes post about the guy who is currently being sent to jail in Australia for posting threatening comments online, seems to me that all of these people should be thrown in jail for inciting violence.

[-] guywithcrazyideas 1 Point 6 months ago

If these words were written about Hillary, all Hell would break loose and the FBI would find the author and take him/her away for awhile.

[-] admiral_brunch 1 Point 6 months ago

we should start censoring these cuck's names with the mexican and swedish flags.

[-] ZizZizZiz 1 Point 7 months ago

What did you expect?

[-] macca2468 1 Point 6 months ago

"give him a medal" classic libs wanting rewards for failing...

[-] themooster32 1 Point 6 months ago

Honestly, Liberals and Dems are running on thin ice. If Donald Trump was legitimatly assassinated, while I would not advocate for, nor aid any attempt on Clinton's life, she would probabaly be in quite a lot of danger. I sincerely doubt that all of Trump's supporters would go quietly about such an event.

[-] Boosane 1 Point 6 months ago

Who's the pussy that censored their name and pic?

[-] RobinHoodFlour 1 Point 7 months ago

Leftists are a special kind of sick.

[-] LesFuries 1 Point 6 months ago

The left is diseased.

[-] guma1 1 Point 7 months ago

The peaceful left strikes again. They needs to be destroyed.

[-] Doctor_Sploosh 1 Point 6 months ago


[-] Pictures_Of_Pot 1 Point 6 months ago

Why would you blur out their names?

[-] Dasigesi 2 Points 6 months ago

Rule 4 stops me

[-] Pictures_Of_Pot 1 Point 6 months ago

Hope you reported the ones making threats to the FBI.

[-] RowdyRoddyPiper 1 Point 6 months ago






[-] mytwosence12345 1 Point 6 months ago

Liberals don't realize is that when someone tries sh#t like this and then they cheer about get copycats. Dumb@$$e$.

[-] gnomeimean 1 Point 6 months ago


[-] boywonder5691 1 Point 6 months ago

That's about how many would upvote if someone tried to shoot Hillary. Lets be honest, now.

[-] zheavywhack 1 Point 6 months ago

It's incredible how vile these people are... How can this be seen as acceptable by their community? Are they that devoid of humanity that they think someone should die because they don't agree with them?! Makes me physically sick.

[-] Ulahman 1 Point 6 months ago

Religion of peace. Oh wait, that's Muslims, not liberals Damn...I'm so confused...which is which?

[-] The_Captain_Spiff 1 Point 7 months ago

what is it with ultra leftists and violence against political opponents?

[-] Gutgulper 1 Point 6 months ago


[-] Z4T 1 Point 6 months ago

Yep, that's definitely a Australian Labor Party profile picture on one of them..

[-] milkhotdog 1 Point 6 months ago

Liberals love encouraging people with mental illness.

[-] Legorhin 1 Point 7 months ago

i know its against rule 4, but why did you block out the names? /s

[-] II12yanII 1 Point 6 months ago

And they say trump is provoking violence. What hypocrites lol

[-] sh1tbr1cks 1 Point 6 months ago

Can you begin to imagine if it was an attempt on Hillary and one of us said that?

[-] Lightbrand 1 Point 6 months ago

To clarify, wanting someone, in this case Trump dead isn't what makes them Liberal. Just terrible human beings.

What makes them Liberal is instead of doing something about it themselves, they want someone else to do it.

[-] scv103 1 Point 6 months ago

Tolerant Left

[-] Chalklead 1 Point 6 months ago

As much as I don't like what is being said, I love the fact that people have the freedom to say things like this unlike in other countries.

[-] AliceInMindPalace 1 Point 6 months ago

This is disgusting. Bunch of hypocrites.

[-] ZeStumpinator 1 Point 6 months ago

Report these people to the FBI.

There's a link on how and what to do about this in rule 9.

[-] alabasterwanted 1 Point 6 months ago

Linus tech tips 100%

[-] thedeafministry 1 Point 6 months ago

Is this different than the people complaining Obama didn't get shot when there was a shooter outside the white house?

[-] SuperSizedFri 1 Point 6 months ago

What about that new algorithm that adds automatic downloads? No way that hate speech gets double what the top the_donald post's get now.

[-] XX_PussySlayer_69 1 Point 6 months ago

Life in prison without parole. Let that fuck rot. In 75 years when no one even remembers todays politics, let him still be behind bars eating bread and water and thinking about that life he could have had.

[-] edizzle1986 1 Point 6 months ago

Shouldn't those people who are advocating the assassination of a potential president be reported to the FBI? You can't just make statements like that without being investigated. Sickening that people think it's ok to say threats like that.

[-] Patbob1023 1 Point 6 months ago

I reported comments and posts like this on facebook, only to be told that they "don't violate community standards" Absolutely disgusting.

[-] EternalCringe 1 Point 6 months ago

liberals are so bent on destroying their own countries it's absolutely mind blowing.

[-] Lagertha24 1 Point 7 months ago

Why did they block out the names? They should have posted them so we know who supports this

[-] 0pinion_ -5 Point 6 months ago

It's funny that r/The_Donald has become as whiny as the SJWs they say they hate. This post is just complaining about joke comments on Facebook and saying it's offensive

[-] Dasigesi 2 Points 6 months ago

The comments on the right are from an Anti-Trump group which repeatedly advocate attacking his supporters.

[-] jim_okc -6 Point 7 months ago

Eh, I'd probably say the same thing if the tables were turned. It's a joke. Big deal.

Y'all are acting like pearl clutching liberals overcome with the vapors.

[-] BrawndoTTM 7 Points 7 months ago

Maybe you would, but I absolutely would not. Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, doesn't deserve to be killed. Also, even aside from that, if an attempt was made on her life, it would pretty much guarantee a Dem presidency.