Some dude nicely asked for suggestions on how to improve his face. I guess that sounds strange to the average person but I understood what he was trying to say. Some asshole spent more time shitting on him than contributing anything of substance, which caused OP to delete the topic and lowered his low self esteem even further. I understand anything goes in this Subreddit, which I agree with, however - I think that topic could have been a good opportunity for me to not only HELP him but to also help other people who might otherwise think they're ugly to reconsider that assumption. Just because the vast majority of the female population ignores you doesn't mean your DOOMED to ugliness, it just means you have work to do.

Here is the response that I spent way too much time typing.

25 year old gay male here. You painted a horror story in the description but you're not that bad. Nice eyes, fullish lips, 5'10, no overly bad facial features, and the dark hair/dark eye combo is generally well received. We can work with this. Your issue isn't your face, rather - it's everything else.

  • First things first: Your hair looks really greasy. I don't know why - are you using hair product? If so, get rid of it and get a new one because it's not working. I suggest one (or both) of the following: American Crew Molding Clay or American Crew Forming Cream.

  • I've tried at least 10 different hair products and this is by far my favorite brand and I have been using it for at least 3 years now. I'm picky as fuck too. These products will give you a styled look without looking like you're trying to style your hair...which is good, because if you're making it too obvious you're trying to look good then it ends up having the opposite effect.

  • Don't put too much product in because you need less than you think. Your hair won't look greasy with this stuff. The Molding Clay is high hold and medium shine, while the forming cream is medium hold with shine. The level of shine on BOTH products (but ESPECIALLY the forming cream) is dependent on how wet your hair is prior to applying the product. If you have slightly damp hair while doing so, your hair will have that "sexy just woke up from bed look" without actually looking like you just woke up. The wetter your hair, the stronger the "shine" will be. Once you get the hang of applying the product, you can make your hair look WET (yet with a strong hold) rather than "shiny".

  • Wet hair looks good because it often darkens the color and it will make a big difference when you combine that with your tan skin and dark eyes. It can literally take you from being a kid with dark features to being "exotic looking". If what I am saying sounds like another language, just accept it as truth because I know what I'm talking about. Keep playing around with this and find the "perfect amount" because it makes a big, big difference.

  • If you're not wearing hair product then you need to wash it. Wash it about two or three times a week but don't overdue it because I can tell from looking at your skin that you're prone to dry scalp and dandruff will show very easily with your hair color. I've never dealt with dandruff but I heard Head and Shoulders works really well.

  • If washing it doesn't fix the problem then it's obviously just your natural hair. Which brings me to my next suggestion:

  • Regardless of whether or not it was hair product or grease, I recommend cutting your hair shorter. You have what I call "straw hair", which can only be described as being similar to the texture of straw. By going just a little bit shorter it will look much, much better. HOWEVER - if you're able to get rid of the greasy look while still maintaing a straw texture then keeping it the same length can look good if you style it differently.

  • Based on what your hair looks like now, I think some sort of variation of the style below isn't too much of a stretch and would look good: Here.

  • I'm unable to pick up your vibe and I have no idea who you are though so hairstyles are tricky because they can be awkward if they don't match your personality. I feel like a style like this gives off a clean, confident vibe.

  • I recommend speaking to a hair stylist because they generally make recommendations based on the total package....and if I had to recommend further, go to a gay male stylist. Men are visual. There is a reason the best stylist in the world are often Men and it has nothing to do with the "Patriarchy". A gay guy will know what works, what doesn't, and what would look good on you. To be totally honest, a female hairstylist won't give a fuck and will say whatever. A gay guy will make it his personal mission to maximize your sex appeal if you ask him to. (Ironically...that is what I'm trying to do right now.)

  • Another big issue is your skin texture but I think it can easily be corrected. I'm going to give you a very easy skin routine to try out and I believe it will make a HUGE difference over the course of a few days. Not even exaggerating, you'll see a big difference 10 minutes after doing it.

  • Get this Toner: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula.

  • Splash a tiny amount in your hand and rub it on your face every morning or every night, whatever you prefer. It is going to dry the FUCK out of your skin and minimize the size of your pores...immediately giving you smoother skin. It's also going to strip away any oil build up - which is great for people who get blackheads on their nose....and you, sir, are definitely prone to oil build up.

  • You WILL feel your skin as being very dry and tight after doing that so it's important to follow up with some Aloe Vera. The product I use (and recommend) is this: Earth's Daughter Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair.

  • Apply that right after the toner and it's going to restore the "normal" feeling to your face while also moistourizing it, which is important because skin that is too dry can respond negatively after using the Toner (your face will go overkill on producing oils to restore the balance which will then cause you to break out). The aloe vera goes on like water and you won't feel like you're wearing lotion. It's also completely natural and doesn't block your skin. It is truly the most perfect skin product.

  • This is going to come off as really gay but hear me out on this because your skin is in desperate need of being exfoliated - which removes dead skin cells, promotes an even skin tone, and helps to smooth everything out. It makes a BIG difference. These are the only gloves I could find that come in semi masculine colors but they're cheap, quick and make a very VISIBLE difference. Just put them on and scrub your face. Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves.

  • I have no idea what your teeth look like but something tells me they're not pearly white. Get Crest White Strips or get them whitened at a dentist. Very clean, white looking teeth make a huge difference and are one of the first things people notice.

  • Fixing your greasy hair and uneven skin tone will make a bigger difference than you can possibly comprehend. Combining that with shorter hair or another hairstyle that looks good yet accurately reflects your personality can easily bump you from your current rating of 4/10 to at least a 5/10. If you get rid of that shirt and purchase a more appealing wardrobe and subsequently develop a more confident persona because of your improved appearance, you could reach a 6. If you bulk up and add some weight, you could even hit a 7. 5'10, dresses nice, clean & sharp haircut, nice skin, with an average to lean body can make a sizable difference in your sexual market value. You will go from being IGNORED to having options...especially if you continue mastering the Red Pill.

  • You're not're just not utilizing your features properly.