I've been around here on another account for just over 2 years and firstly I'd like to offer some thanks to you all for helping me in that time.

This time I'm here asking for something different and I'd rather not associate my main with this. After a while of implementing TRP into my life and spinning plates etc I met my current girlfriend. She's good for me and she has actively improved my quality of life unlike any other girl I've met. We've travelled around Europe together and are currently sharing a flat.

A month ago she felt a lump in her breast and went to the doctors about it. Cancer, terminal.

I'm here to ask you what can I do to help her and how am I supposed to deal with the emotional aftermath when the time comes? I'm shaking because this isn't supposed to happen to the good ones.

This question may be unconventional for this place, but you guys have helped me a lot in life and I'd like your input.


EDIT: Just arrived at work, will read all replies in 7 hours or if I take a break. Thank you guys.

EDIT 2: Just got off work and I will be reading and replying to comments, got a lot of support here and I thank you guys again.

FINAL EDIT: I'd like to thank each and everyone of you wonderful people that offered advice and solace in the last day, it means a shit tonne and you have opened my eyes to lots of different things I could be doing right now.

Me and my girlfriend are gonna be doing whatever the fuck we please for a little while, might sound stupid but neither of us have really smoked much weed, so me and her are gonna get blitzed out of our minds this weekend, and if we enjoy it, smoking weed may become a regular thing. We have a big trip booked to Florence coming real soon.

For me though, I've reorganised my schedule a little in order to spend less time on shit thats not important right now. When times start getting tough and the end is in sight, I'm getting a private therapist, someone who I can vent to face to face weekly and run through all the emotions and mental breakdowns I need to. Some me time is definitely important here and there so when she goes to see family/friends I'll go hang out with my bros, they've been there for me before and theyre there this time.

TRP you have helped me significantly over the years and during my time of major crisis you have pulled through for me yet again.

Fucking love this community.

CHRISTMAS EVE EDIT: Hello. I've been coming back to this post every few days and I must say the responses I have seen are incredible and I am so touched by it all. It's Christmas time right now and I will be spending Christmas Day with my own family and she will be spending its with hers.

The advice I have gotten from this post has helped me lots and I am still the same man I was before, nothing has changed besides the fact am I a little more comforting and I watch the odd shitty poor quality chick flicks with her.

The trip we planned is coming soon and I can't wait, it's gonna be great. She still seems healthy for the most part, a little weaker but healthy.

This will be the last time I respond to anything in this post, as I believe that it has run its course and I think that it's time to moe forward. I will post on the main subreddit if/when the worst happens. Thank you.

BLUE PILL EDIT: I've been getting quite a few messages from some blue pill fags, shut the fuck up I don't want anything to do with you go the fuck away.