Didnt start dating until 21 due to a mix of different circumstances including a long drug addiction and taboo from my family. Had a few failed attempts that I learned from (like one normally would in their teens) but now got the basics down I think. Am also good-looking so people assume I pull a lot (girl today told me "men with rizz like you could probably find at least one girl in this building to fuck them right here now").

Anyway this girl has a boyfriend, just 2 weeks ago made fun of me for pursuing her, I applied some tactics and now she's great. Sat an hour on a bench between studying sessions and she let me touch her tits a little but insisted on no kissing until she breaks up with her bf this weekend, I didnt push for a kiss that hard though, because honestly I was scared of messing up.

What worries me now. People always told me once your with the girl and horny everything will happen by itself. But even as I had my arm around her and stuff I still didnt feel any real urge to kiss her. Plus I dont know how the fuck I'm supposed to arrange my body parts to put myself in a good comfortable position for kissing. I dont want to look like an amateur, I didnt lie to this girl about anything but she assumes I'm a player and now I'm scared to disappoint (not because she'd reject me, but just for my ego)

Any advice at all? Am I supposed to touch her a bit more until I get in the mood to kiss her? Or just say fuck it and make myself do it anyway and see how it goes?