(Edit add: This is after I’ve already got them back to my room/theirs, or isolated to a private area… Hook up has happened, the ‘presumption’ was that sex will be following)

Hello, fellow RP bros.

Here is a problem I have faced on the many occasions and it rather annoys me.

We all know that you follow her actions, not her words… However, when they start pulling out the ‘no… I can’t be doing this…’ (hamstering that she ain’t a slut) etc-etc-etc statements - despite her hand still resting on my cock - I am immediately done as I do not wish to ‘force’ myself upon them.

I don’t care if it’s their hamster defence mode, or being playful, or etc… As soon as I hear the dreaded ‘no’, I stop immediately, thank them for their time and leave (or get them to go).

So my qs is… Any of you have some tactics, or methods that works for you, so that you auto bypass their hamster defence and they don’t event think about uttering the word ‘no’?