A little background for you, currently with 3 plates, all good girls, all good looking. Doing pretty good financially, in good shape hitting the gym consistently for 10 years, i’m 29 now, white guy living in SEA. Considered above average looks, even back home.

A couple months ago I matched with a girl(22) and we met up, first date went perfectly, got laid same night.

She doesn’t live in town, she was staying at an AirBnb literally just downstairs from my apartment which i think helped a lot with getting her over to my place, we chilled on the apartment rooftop for a bit before i suggested we head down to my place for drinks and a movie.

I suggested she spend the next 2 days at my place instead of her shitty bnb, she was down, vibes were great.

She left town after that but she had plans already to move here, while she was gone i kept texting to a minimum. 2 weeks later she was back, looking for her own apartment while staying at her guy friends place (she knew him for years but that was still a major red flag for me and she was inching away from LTR material in my eyes). We only met up once while out drinking with a few of her friends and a few of mine, her roommate was there but i could see how visibly uncomfortable he was that she was all over me all night long. She even got jealous and annoyed when i spoke to a different girl while we were all out, which i easily managed to turn into playful teasing when i saw that she was getting jealous. I tried bringing her home after that but no luck.

The next week she texts me apologizing and asking if i received any texts from her the night before. Confused, i asked her whats going on, turns out she and the roommate got into an argument and that he got a hold of her phone and said he messaged me saying that she was seeing someone else.

The argument between them was so bad that she left and went to a cheap hotel to get away from his toxic soy ass. Pretty much walking distance from my house, i told her i was on my way and went to talk to her to see what was going on. I got there to see that this guy had actually physically beat her and left marks on her arms, legs and even her neck bc she rejected his advances 1 too many times. Here i come in as captain save-a-hoe and take her to my house, after chatting for a bit, i went with her to fetch her stuff and “talk” to the guy, lucky for him he wasn’t there so it went smoothly. On the ride home, she blocked him on most socials, throughout the night and the next day she immediately showed me when he found a new way to contact her and blocked him again, even going so far as to contact her friends and family, i told her we will soon have a messenger pigeon pecking at the window.

She later told me that she has been lying to me and that she is currently in a relationship with another guy from SG. She said that she wanted to break up with him after meeting me but just hasn’t had the courage to do it yet, saying that she was forced to do it because that roommate guy contacted him and told him about me. My thought process was that i really couldn’t care less that she was dating another guy while riding me, but i don’t like people hiding shit from me, she thought that i would explode with anger after she told me, all i calmly said was that from now on it will be pretty hard to trust a word she says, we are not in an LTR yet so i didn’t care about the other guy. A plate is a plate and shes a HB9 imo, i wasn’t gonna give up free pussy just yet.

I also brushed it off as not significant that she was dating him bc he asked her to be his gf after 1 month of talking to each other, i thought it was inevitable to fail or that she would be looking for alpha dick bc he rushed things like that and we all know what happens when you rush into an LTR with a girl.

She continued staying at my place for about a week which i quite enjoyed if I'm being honest, super feminine, submissive, helped with cleaning, bought us both food a few times. This shit caused me to grow more attached, my blue pill brain and red pill brain were going at it hard, too many red flags to LTR her but so many god damned green flags that just made me like her more and more.

On the day that she left, everything was normal, very affectionate, very loving and caring, just as she was the week before, the sex was only getting better by the day. When she got in the car and left, she messaged me and said she will miss me, i replied by saying “no worries, we will see each other again soon”, few minutes later i got a long message from her basically saying she still has feelings for the other guy and she wants to pursue that relationship, i almost feel bad for that guy, what a way to start your relationship huh? I responded by saying "I understand, i wish you the best of luck in the future." but I was blocked before it could deliver, not blocked on any other socials though, but I know better than to try and contact a girl who blocks me on anything.

I come to you, my fellow redpillers, what in the actual fuck just happened lol? I’ve been in the game for over a decade now, reading books, reading posts, putting the knowledge to use as much as i can, but this far from anything i’ve ever experienced, usually there are major signs when a woman is about to jump ship, and those have become more and more obvious to me over the years. This time there were none. Now i’m sitting here, feeling like none of my plates can live up to her, feeling offended when a plate uses her perfumed shower gel that she left behind. Your boy caught feelings and i don’t like it.

Don't get me wrong, logically i know that she is bad news, i know that this is for the better, this is not a post asking "how to get her back".

And yes i do fuck up sometimes, i know the rules and i like to think i know the game, but we all fuck up sometimes when the hormones run rampant. AWALT right? Yet me and all my other RP’d buddies slip up when we find a person that completely knocks our socks off, ykwim?