Hi everyone I posted the above asking what to do. I gave her a call. She was saying it’s too late for change blah blah. And I was saying how I feel we could work on it, and it seemed like she was saying no still but crying about I just said are you home right now I’ll swing by. She said yeah I’ll be outside.

I went there and she continued saying there’s nothing I can do, that I never showed her I cared (which is true)..I made like I understood what she was saying and that I’d make some changes and she continued to say it’s too late.

I definitely stayed longer than I needed to. I kept trying to tell her how we could work it out but no still “we need to be separated”

I was calm the whole time and I wasn’t showing emotions while she was crying. But I just know the “right thing to do” would be to say i understand and leave. It was just really hard for me. I even did say casually while talking “and you know I love you” which we never said to each other. She started crying more.

Basically I know I probably messed it up even more than I should have but since this was all about me not showing her I care I thought I had to show it in some way. If I did really want her back what would you say is the best thing to do? Just no contact and self improvement? Texting her one last time and agreeing to her decision?

Also on top of this I saw she’s on tinder already too.

Please no insults. I’m just trying to find a solution and feel better. Really upset rn. Thanks