People have passive-ish income streams. I am talking about something like that but for meeting new girls. For example by creating your own fans.

Anyone has done this before? Would you mind sharing what you've done? Do you know a book/resource about creating your own fans, "managing" them or creating systems to let you meet new girls passively?

Here's what I have in mind. Determine a writer who would be good for building fans around their work and good for my target age range. Modify his work so it's original enough. Translate into my target languages. Distribute the work. Wait until I have fans and meet them. I might have social profiles or newsletter to identify individuals and to measure their activity.

Once I set this up, I will never really need to make effort again to meet new girls, anywhere in the world, regardless of how often I move around and how long I spend time anywhere. I can "retire" from making effort to meet new girls. I can also optimize the kind of girls I want in terms of their n count and their native language which can determine their skin, hair, eye color and wealth.

I also thought about running a hostel, yoga studio etc. It seems like they mostly attract hoes