so I’m 28 on my last year of college (had some life shit happen inbetween + surgery etc etc is what it is).

Normally hasn’t been much of an issue for me but last week go to the bars w my friends. Towards end of night this one chick started gravitating towards me and wanted to leave w me; her friend (who is literally friends w some of us and was talking to me earlier) pulls her back “ew stop he’s 28” and it was RIP -____-

On one end I get it; I’m 28 def not supposed to be in college still. And next year when I finally grad and go off into the real world it’ll be completely irrelevant (and lowkey prob in my favor). I also don’t look anywhere near my age esp when I shave.

Any tips on navigating this kinda shit? Even tinder or OLD if I set my age to say 22 or 23 (and put “not 22/23” in my bio) same pics will get hundreds and hundreds of matches; whereas if I list my actual age I’ll get like 2-3 matches and the chicks available to swipe on are all crusty hoes.

I’m in a college town in a flyover state.