I was having a casual phone call with LTR of 3 years talking about some stupid stereotypes in my country. I touched on one that says women from her tribe have a high sex drive and most guys can’t keep up with them. To which she responds it’s kinda true. I ask her how she would know and she says because she’s from that tribe. I ask her to expound (by now I’ve lost the joking mood and this is pretty serious for me) given that it has always appeared I am the one with a higher sex drive in the relationship. She says it varies and largely depends on personal values and principles. To which I ask whether she’s actively holding back from having as much sex as she would like. She says yes, the same way some people entirely abstain from sex before marriage. Apparently she made this decision when she broke her virginity. At this point she can tell this is serious for me and she can’t understand why. We have sex wherever and whenever I want to, and in her opinion that decision is about her and shouldn’t affect me in any way. I can’t wrap my mind about this and I feel like I’ve been living a lie as far as the LTR is concerned. Yes I have access to her whenever I want to, sexually and otherwise (phone, social media accounts etc)But this feels like negotiated desire to me; if she hungered for me as she should she would want to fuck me whenever the urge occurred. I asked her how things would be different if she didn’t have said principle. She couldn’t answer that. I don’t know how to proceed from here. Everything else has been great; she’s feminine and submissive, even buys me gifts and takes me on dates yet she has no job. I was even considering her for marriage but this feels huge. Is it a real problem or is it just something she just tells herself to feel like she’s principled? Or should I go by “ignore what they say and watch they do?”