Ex ltr, left because I didn't say sorry for wanting to drink at a bar by myself, she was already a bit dreaded because she wasnt acting how i want my girl to act and I understand that part for why she opted out. I was left so she can pursue someone more beta. She never mentioned any exes like she does me.

Got her still on tiktok. She started a new job somewhere I frequent for food and supplies.

Didn't think she'd post a reel about how I fucked her whole day up. Apparently, she's still familiar with the scent of my cologne.

Figured at this point post break up ~8 months she wouldn't even act like this about me, posting about me on socials because I went and got coffee at the coffee hut at her job.

For one thing, I didn't even notice her. I want to understand her reaction here. I don't want a relationship with her. I'm morbidly curious and yeah if she presented her self i would plate her.