Here we go... It's a pattern huh?

Yesterday I meet at my usual café this super hot, submissive and soft spoken vixen. She's been eyeing me from the corner of her eye and I move over to sit next to her and start chatting her up.

She's studying with her ugly friend. She's an econometrics masters student and her ugly friend a civil engineering student.

Knowing how ugly friends can be extreme vindictive cockblocks, I open them simultaneously, starting with the ugly friend. (who thinks at first that I was chatting her up). Then steer the conversation towards my target.

Minutes later, I am sitting side by side of my target, she's giggling and opening up and overall good sexy vibe.

She takes my phone, puts in her number herself, calls it so that I have it saved up. We say bye and I return to my table with my friends.

I know the fugly is mad and jealous, so just in case, I soften her up by giving her attention, talking to her and just trying to put her at ease too.

I think I got it under control right? lolz

30 mins later, the girls leave. My target brushes off next to me, and every so gently whispers while brushing off my arm "let's catch up later".

hmmm, I got this bird.

It's my time to leave too, I hit up a nearby bar with my group of friends and at around 1am I send her a short text, expecting a response in the morning.

Morning comes, noon comes, no response. I'm disappointed. But hey, that's the game. So I prevent her from seeing my picture on whatsapp, NEXT.

Now it's late afternoon. I pass by my usual café, inquire about my friends. One of which has plans to meet with me there.

I stride up confidently, as usual, chat up the waiters, inquire about my friend, and scan the surroundings for the girl (just in case I have to ignore her).

One of the waiters tells me my friend is not here and that one of the owners said that he wouldn't allow me to sit at the café again. Mind you, this café should owe me shares based on just how much money and time our group spent there. In any case, I keep it cool and the barista who's on good terms with me steps out and explains to me what happened.

Apparently, my target girl's brother showed up and caused a scene saying that this guy (me) bothered his sister. Now mind you, my friends and the barrista where witnesses and said that the interaction went well and that hot girls don't usually tell their brothers about the guys that hit on them. Mind you also, I know everything about the girl, that she lives nearby, alone, and that she suggested that we make plans together and hang out in the evening.

So everyone's guess turned out to be . . . yup the UGLY FRIEND STRIKES AGAIN.

So apparently she likely went ahead and told the brother that I picked on his sister and now I get a perma-ban at my favorite coffee shop! lol

Doesn't matter really, this scenario happens often. Ugly friends are vindictive and have caused me trouble many times before (including at my previous gym and other favorite spots). They are matched in envy only by their male counter part, the beta White Knight.

I don't care about the coffee shop anyways, I was thinking of changing spots and this situation might be a gift from God.

Can I salvage the girl though?

I'm thinking of writing to her using my personal phone (she has my business phone only)

"hey, did your friend get jealous and told your brother about us?"