So my strategies are much less effective now due to higher rates. I used to do wheels on S&P 500 with 3X leverage and if I got assigned it was no big deal because it was very low interest. Mostly I'd make about $450/wk just selling puts that expire every other day. Well that's obviously not enough to pay the bills so I had to draw down my account until it was below the $25k requirement for pattern day trading. I think I'm sitting at about $9k now but my wife got a job that pays the bills so I can finally turn this around and grow the account without worrying about selling at a loss because I can wait it out.

So I can't run wheels 3X/wk until I get $25k. SPY is $495. 1 put would cost 495*100=$49,500. On margin I need 30% of that or $14,850. Now, I could sell the model A for $12k+ and get there but if I can get there another way I'd prefer that.

Lately I've just been buying 1 month t-bills to slightly beat inflation. Should I go learn forex or something? How do I get back to where I was before my life got fucked? Nobody will even call me for an interview and it's been like this for years.