Got into the school of my dreams to study Economics like my dad and his brother. First semester, I join a frat and feel like making connections. The only class that I needed to pass was Calculus. This school is notorious for having very difficult math courses and many people simply take math at community college and transfer the credits instead. The problem is, I already have 60 credits from community college and can’t transfer over another class (Calc 1). So I flunked calc 1 the first semester there. 2nd semester comes rolling around and I decide to say “fuck it” and I put in the time to study calc. Throughout the semester, I stay in and don’t party to try and pass the course. Long story short, my professor just told me it is not possible for me to pass the course. I’m devastated because my school doesn’t allow people to take classes 3 times. Soon as you fail it twice, it’s over.

So now I just got into the school of my dreams and ended up failing my major because of a fucked calc class and I’m also getting kicked out of my frat because I haven’t payed dues or show up to parties. I’m 24 and I feel like I just ruined my fucking life. I don’t know what to do but I’m about to go on the biggest bender I’ve ever gone on. I lost and I can’t cope with it. I’m simply retarded.