long story short i was asked to be the "the bull" of a cuckold couple, first he asked without she knowing and then he pushed me to start casual chatting with her, she at the very beginning showed IDIs, i made some movements and she asked me in front of her boyfriend if i would agree to fuck her, at some point it was "normal" but i know them for a long time because the cuck is one of my old friends

when she asked me to fuck her i could just meet right away and nail that girl while her bf watch us from the couch but i let them know that i'm too bussy with work right know (that's the truth i care more about money and my future than just get pussy and my career is slowing going up to success) the One thing i noticed is that she somewhat is like trying to build some emotional connection

I just want to understand the wires: she couldn't be looking at me as a provider prospect because i know her bf right now is winning more money than me(i will be winning more soon but they doesn't know) and i supose she should know that i will just fuck her and nothing more because i know that pushing my career a little more and taking care of my look i could get more casual pussy that i never had before, and i respect that cuck guy, he could be a cuck but it's a good guy. i just don't know why women has that need for emotional connection still being so far away from wifey material, like the more cheater she is the more they seek for EC

So it is a common pattern that all women wants to catch u you in some kind of "relationship"(no matter how slutty they Could be) Or what?