I am turning 35 this year. I am taking a good care of myself and I look a lot younger than I am. When I tell people my age I usually get a shocked response, which is funny in general setting, but for dating it is starting to become a problem. A pattern like this is happening more and more:

  • Start talking to women either solo or with my younger wingman buddy
  • They look interested, so we banter and mess around
  • We exchange our ages (it is customary in my country to do this when meeting new people)
  • I get shock/cringe response, followed by some variation of "Ooookay, I'm getting out of here", with panic in their eyes, looking for an exit
  • My night is destroyed, I am now creep in my own eyes
  • The vibe is killed, they turn to my buddy or leave if I am approaching alone.

It is not that I am approaching college girls or something, I've got this response from 25-27 y.o. The questions start roaming my head - Should I just stick to older women? Should I lie about my age? Should I dress and behave differently, to signal my age properly? After all work I put into myself to start living a life I always wanted - am I too late now? If women like me before I tell them my age, why does it make such an extreme difference when I do?...

Anyways, I noticed that this is getting up to my head and it has a potential to close me up socially and warry of approaching people (which I've spent YEARS fixing) so the situation needs resolvement. It is a relatively new position for me and I don't think I can figure it out by myself.