There's a very hot girl in my gym who is constantly around me and it's pretty clear to everyone she's interested in me. She's qualify to me in different ways, always flattered if I give her a rare compliment, she never mentioned his BF until lately when she said she has a lot of doubts. The question is about the latter. She is 24, with a count of only 2, levelheaded, has a mortgage for a house, a very good family, and strong bond. It's clear that the relationship was over years ago, but she is still in and she has to make a choice. I have huge social proof and everybody at the gym stares at our interactions (some guys told me they want to compete, but I don't fear them, quite the contrary, I've encouraged them to fight). There are 2 groups, therefore 2 opinions of her situation: The first group thinks nobody has a chance right now because of his situation with her bf, not his bf, but her values toward the relationship (I'm in this camp), namely she doesn't cheat as personal value. The other group thinks she is longing for me to ask her out.

I have great social proof because I'm brilliant with people and have a lot of empathy, while I have a lot of other flaws, I cannot recognize that I'm totally off-scale with people. I have an abundance mentality having 2 girls on my radar, and no fear of rejection, but my gut instinct tells me to stay away untill she solves this mess. This is the only girl who I think this way, while all the previous engaged ones felt single for me.

What's your advice?