Its apparent I have seemed to broken my fwb relationship when she asked if i was seeing other girls last time she came to my house. I told her "sometimes" because it was true and also because we were not exclusive. She told me she was seeing no one. She even found tampons in my closet from another plate. She didnt say anything because she couldnt but i could tell she did not like that. I also know Im not the only one shes seeing, but it was smart of her to lie about that, and im wondering if i shouldve done the same.

I tried to go exclusive shortly after and she blocked me and deleted me. She was clearly butthurt and jealous. Even though i did nothing wrong. The plate is officially broken and im at this point trying to learn from my mistakes now. She even told me shes been cheated on by a lot of her ex boyfriends, which is one reason why i think she wants a guy whos 'all about her'. And not another potentially- promiscuous type like I showed her I was. In reality I wanted to be exclusive, drop the other girls, and NOT cheat on her, but I never got the chance to show her that. I failed the pre-screening.

As a redpiller, I have learned that women love men with rotations and rosters. It shows high value and preselection and the right amount of dread. In the past I have had fwb's wanna go exclusive with me AFTER finding out there were other girls. It must have triggered them emotionally.

But this one was opposite. Had I told her I was not seeing other girls, would be pathetic. She would think she would have me by the balls and basically my exclusivity would hold no real value, if im already 'semi-exclusive' by default. But maybe i would have been able to retain her as a fwb and advanced into a relationship. Im also not a girl though, so maybe hearing that is what they exactly need to hear to get their hopes up and relationship tingles brewing even if they dont believe it. Its like when a girl says youre the best sex of her life, we may not believe it but its exactly what she needed to say for us to feel like we have her on lock.

Im not sure where to go from here. I did some research and basically players tell women that shes the only one and love bomb them, it seems to work. I also realized that a lot of men generally tell women they want to be serious with that shes the only one (before exclusivity).

Im just wondering, in the future if im in the same scenario, if i wanna be serious with a girl, should I lie and say shes the only one Im seeing? I guess theres context too, like maybe in the beginning you should say youre dating others but after a few months should you tell a girl shes the only one?

I guess in this case its not about SMV, but RMV. If she knows youre attractive and lays the pipe well and masculine frame and leader, but are a "player" and have low Relationship Market Value, she may not want to be in a relationship with you, is that right? She will never feel secure, or safe, which is like 100% of the reason why girls even get into relationships.

Need some advice for the future.