This isn't a mod post. I am just thought dumping my observations and, despite the tone of this post, am actually trying to help some of you spergs.

The biggest common denominator of why some of you guys are permanently stuck repeaty asking the most basic shit on here is YOU.

I guarantee a large percentage of the people this applies to, you have not read the full side bar or skimmed it at 2am without any serious thought, if you even read it at all.

I also gaurantee an even larger percentage of you have never opened one page of The Rational Male, which is where an extreme bulk of RP comes from. No wonder you are so confused about the most basic of basic RP 101 shit on here.

I gaurantee a large percentage of the half of you I'm talking about have never used the search function on here. You have a question and you immediately come here and ask your Yahoo! Answers style question here. Believe it or not, there are already 100 posts asking the same damn question, and with far more answers than you will get asking your version of it, from an OP that worded the question even better than you did.

Your question is 75% of the time not unique. Someone already asked it, you askhole. If you did the basic lifting on your own you would have seen it somewhere.

To be abundantly clear, I'm not talking about field report questions. A FR shows you actually went and tried and have enough humility to look for feedback on actual shit you tried to accomplish. But even then a lot of the misconceptions you have in your FR could, surprise surprise, be answered by actually reading the dang material, dudes.

The biggest lag in half of your guys' personal development on here is defaulting to AskTRP the microsecond you have a question. You know what men who don't have your frequent problem did? They found TRP, read the whole side bar once, if not twice, located the other books (rational male, no more mister nice guy, Pook), then they looked at all the resources too (heartsie, 50 shades of red, some of the vanguard writings)

They didn't immediately go ask shit on AskTRP like a hand-holding askhole. They found all the content and then hit AskTRP (and only after searching for the answer already in search bar) to get clarification on what was almost always an actual good question with evidence that there is some confusing or contradictory information they wanted to address. Often they'd cite where the confusion came from which demonstrated that they tried to find it.

I have coached some of you fuckers before and months into answering your questions I asked if you read rational male and you said "no". What the fuck guys. No wonder you are having problems with women and stuck on tutorial island. You are completely dependent on other people to do even a modicum of thinking for you.

You guys are your own worst enemy. The difference in why some guys got TRP right away and did well and you're not is YOU.

If you're not going to read any of the material like a normal person who actually wants to learn, at least spend an hour of critical thought thinking about your circumstances before asking a question. You are completely dependent on even the smallest of lifting

P.S. don't assume that if you asked a question recently that I am talking about you specifically, it's a lot of you guys though