Im very confused on cold approach. Does it actually take 100s of approaches to get lays, because to be honest I approach but only when I see girls im very attracted to. Im naturally social but as it is I dont live in an environment where I can approach hundreds of women nor do I really want to, is it not diminishing returns at that point. I see guys saying that they averaging 1% some guys I see aren’t getting laid in over 500+ is that normal?

I mean my game is pretty weak but socially I would say Im well above average. Been lifting for 9 yrs too.

If you’re just trying to get laid optimizing night game or old would be better no?

I have short average looking friends who slay at night game and a very short asian friend who slays on old. (Photographer/ travels).

I’m not trying to shit on it Im just having a hard time understanding why its so lauded in the redpill community.

For improving game I get it 100p but as the number 1 way to get laid idk.

Even then how much improvement is justifiable if you’re getting 499 rejections.

I naturally talk to strangers when im out and I understand that you can’t really compare you should only compare yourself to your past self

But How many approaches are you guys doing before getting laid? Everyone makes it seem like theyre picking up a plate left and right?