I’m 25, 6’2”, 6 figures, 6 pack. I live alone, in a coastal American city, near a university. I’ve been following the red pill for about 6 years now.

My friend is around 22, 5’7”, and is doing a masters program in the social sciences. He's fruity, but Timothy Charlemagne, fruity. Women feel safe around him, and he’s been able to turn that into a couple LTRs.

His girlfriend is 24, 5’9”, and very introverted. She’s also in a social science masters program. She grew up in a fairly conservative part of the US, but she’s socially liberal. When I met her, she was like a “good girl next door” that was trying to figure herself out.

About a year ago, my friend and his girlfriend moved to my city. Since then, my friend has gotten complacent. All he does is sit in his student apartment, playing video games, ordering take out, and getting fat. His place is a mess, with papers and food containers everywhere. His girlfriend is unhappy with the mess, but doesn’t have time to clean or cook because she works.

Over the last year, I tried to help him. I found him a part time job through some of my connections, but he turned it down. I started taking them to my gym, but he dropped out. I told him that if he doesn’t clean his apartment, she's gonna move on. And, it’s still covered in wrappers.

Despite my friend dropping out, his girlfriend has continued to work out with me 4 times a week. Over the next couple months, we started hanging out and became genuine friends. She picked up some of my hobbies. Started listening to my favorite book series. And went from abstaining from alcohol, to bar tending at some of my parties. Our mutual friends say that she’s turned into a copy of me.

Now, two days ago, I got back to my place after visiting a plate. The girlfriend asked me if she could come over, since her boyfriend was gaming. I agreed and she came over. We did some edibles, started drinking, and watched some trashy reality TV. It’s the kind of thing I’d do with any other friend of mine, or even with my mom.

An hour to two into it, she started trying to cuddle with me. I let her in, and we kept drinking and cuddling all night. At around 6am, I carried her to my bed, and we continued into the afternoon. Our clothes stayed on the entire time, and we didn’t kiss. But, we were pretty handsy.

Later, she asked if I wanted to invite her boyfriend, my friend, over and watch another movie over cocktails and weed. I agreed, because I started feeling bad. When he came over, she was less affectionate towards him. She sat in the middle of the couch, facing me. Then held his hand behind her back. My friend said that his girlfriend was actually uncomfortable with PDA, and I just let it go.

If I was a good friend, I would walk away from the situation. But, I’m hesitant. Their relationship is pretty much fucked. Even if I don’t go out with her, she’s checked out enough to spend the weekend at another guy's apartment. And, he's cucked enough to let her.

On my end, I have enough plates. In fact, I’ve been downsizing. Keeping up with them can be emotionally exhausting and expensive. Frankly, I could see myself with a single woman for a while.

Additionally, over the last 6 months, she’s turned herself into my perfect woman. I’ve helped her get into great shape and she is interested in all of my hobbies. She's even asked me for financial advice and gotten her shit together.

I know “It’s just my turn”. Especially with a relationship that starts in monkey branching. But, In your guy's experience, is the potential drama worth it? Or do I just keep my nose clean?


Thanks for the comments guys. I really needed someone to remind me not to shit where I eat. I saw and opportunity and instinct took over. But I'm smart enough to not move on my buddies Ex.

I 100% agree that it would be a massive betrayal of trust to my friend. I think I just saw him falling down, and I lost some respect for him. I should be trying to help my bro be a better man. Especially after she dumps him.

A lot of people are saying it's scarcity thing, and I don't really understand that.

It could just be the way I phrased my post. I think people where thinking that I was gonna drop all my plates and try to do a committed relationship with her. But like ... she's already branched once. I'd expect her to do it again eventually.