May sound like a humble brag but it’s not. Please bear with me. I’ve been lifting 10 years and understand what looks good on me. My body language reflects confidence as well.

As a result, I get tons of matches with nice girls on Tinder/Bumble/hinge etc. lot of girls smiling at me, giving other IOIs, at clubs, bars, airports, gyms, malls etc. Girls even regularly try to initiate conversations with me.

Now despite all this, I can’t close for shit. Cause I don’t know what the fuck to say.

In my mind I think stupid ass questions like what are you shopping for today etc. sound LAME and look like a feeble and obvious attempt to continue the conversation.

That’s where I just can’t swallow my pride. It doesn’t feel like the conversation is flowing naturally. It feels like I’m asking the most lame bs to try and keep her engrossed in the conversation. I’d rather not be with her than be lame.

This has more to with a superiority complex I developed whilst lifting and generally achieving more things in life than “anxiety of what she’ll think” cause it really doesn’t matter what she’ll think. It matters what I’ll think which is that I can’t bring myself to sound like some LAME-O.

I feel like I’ve accomplished too much with my money, physique, etc. to have “still put in the work” especially in such a loser way - if that makes sense.

As a result, I don’t really know what to say. Maybe it’s not about what to say and really I need a perspective shift. Either way, hopefully someone can provide insight/guidance.

Thank you