How do you build a social circle from ground 0?

Hey guys, I’m getting out of the army next month and moving back to a place where I don’t know anyone except my dad. Most of my friend are very blue-pilled and I honestly don’t enjoy hanging with them for long periods. I want to rebuild a new social circle but in all honestly, I’m pretty clueless. I want to date again and start spinning plates but tinder is filled with nothing but 304’s and single moms. I have goals to get my business up and running to which I’m very excited about. But coming from the army where I had some of the best mates I could ever ask for to heading back out in the civilian world, I have forgotten how to civilian and more importantly, how to find similar red-pilled people like myself. I’m moving back to California which as you can imagine, don’t have the most ex-military redpilled dudes and I’m pretty lost/worried that I’m just going to end up as a hermit besides hanging with my pops. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.