TRP is partly wrong because it usually makes you filter your dating pool such that women in your life are nothing but whores. Then you come here and complain that whores are whores. One must use their brain to utilize TRP.

But I'm meeting so many whores that I started to question. They're really just there to take my dick and nothing else? They are not capable of being something more than 3 holes to fuck? Even ants, a cat, a rock, a plushy, a dog, a project is more capable than a woman as a thing I can value. Simply because they're stable and not retarded.

Am I to seduce every single woman if I want benefit from them? In past I seduced a woman and used her as my soundboard/therapist/confidant. But turns out I seduced her too hard. She got unstable.

I've been avoiding using sexuality around women because I was hoping that 1. it would filter out the whores from my life 2. it would make the whole thing as stable as it can be. If there was gonna be a connection, it was gonna originate from genuine human connection. Only after that, I was gonna use sexuality. I still am going to do this but I'm just questioning.

It seems like a woman = horse, but I'm expecting the horse to read a bedtime story to me.


Now I can talk about humans. They're also retarded. 90% of world of homo sapiens is illusion. Even fake tits are more real than this world. TRP barely uncovers 25%.

The retards who are embedded in the illusion are so retarded that I feel that if they're a human, I am not a human. Or if they're humans, I'm not a human.

In this world, everything I say must be a lie if I want considerable benefit from these retards. I have to be a politician. I should collect my own puppets.

I have an urge to be honest because I feel lying is for weak people who can't afford to tell the truth, or maybe I have some ASPD. I'm not sure how to overcome this urge?

It seems like a human = beast. If I want to be happy that they exist (instead of being disgusted that they exist), I should get enough benefit from them. That means owning (and utilizing) enough beasts of my own by being something like a politician.