I’ve been with this girl for a year and a half, she’s a lovely person and I enjoy her company, we stopped speaking a few months ago but she reached out and have been together for the past few months now as my girlfriend again

I went through her phone recently and saw that she met up with her ex a few times very briefly, I’m certain she hasn’t slept with him but not 100% sure, it did anger me but whatever it’s done now I can’t change it…

Yesterday we went out with her family and had a great time and when we got in bed I asked her how did it go with her ex yesterday, she obviously didn’t know that I knew and she kept trying to play it off but eventually she said I’m sorry I should have told you, he keeps pressuring me to talk to him and see him and she just got a lift back from work which I know is the case, nothing happened but still she saw him, I didn’t get mad at all which she said scares her that Idagf anymore which I really don’t at this point, I’m ready to move on

I kind of broke it off with her and then we fucked and I stayed the night, she wants me to stay but I have decided I don’t want to be in a LTR with her anymore but how can I go about turning her into a plate or if that’s even an option, I’m considering telling her I want to take a break and instead of living with her just see her once a week or so but I don’t want to lead her on

Some advice would be great