Hi all

Following on from my previous post. I met this girl for a quick drink on her lunch break and things got weird.

She said she has a husband but it’s ok because he trusts her. I asked her if he knew she was with me and she said he knows about you but doesn’t know I’m here with you right now. I was flirting with her touching her holding her hand I think I played everything quite cool but the husband thing is weird right?

The only “bad” thing I did was let her end the interaction first I was told the guy should always end it first not sure if you would agree with that?

I asked her if she was in an open relationship with her husband she said “what does that mean” so I had to explain it. She then said no it’s not an open relationship.

She then invited me to some Christmas themed event at her Churched. She said she will be there will her kids and if her husband is there she can introduce is. This is weird guys!!!

She sent 3 messages starting at 21.30 today saying “It was nice talking to you today” and inviting me to her Church Carols by Candlelight on 17th December then "I hope I'll see you there"

I wonder if she is hiding her messages from her husband as she seems to always messages late in the day at the same time.

I need some TRP wisdom my questions are:-

1) What does she want? A secret affair, or just attention / validation / a friend / a backup option?

2) How long should I wait to message her next and what should I say?

3) Should I go to this Christmas Carols event she invited me to or would that be crazy?