Can’t cut contact cause she supports me financially. I live away from her, but in the same city. She is the most unbearable person I have to deal with. Typical AWALT example. Failed marriage with my irresponsible father(I wonder why she stayed with him for 15 years. Hmmm.) Blames my “supposed” father for everything that went wrong in her/my older sister’s life. Always compares me to him. She is getting fatter and uglier by the year. ZERO accountability. I have tried to reason and have honest conversations with her, but to ABSOLUTELY no avail. Whether about her mental health, physical health, boundaries, her fuck ups with how she brought me up (or lack there of).

My main issue here is that she wants me to be her bitch. She says shit like “It’s not manhood to say curse words, it doesn’t make you more of a men.” (Yet she respected the guy who treated her like shit and was paying the bills/everything instead of him) She blames me for getting angry at her stupidity, giving me false information, blatant lies. She’s the most undependable person when it comes to information. She’d rather make shit up than tell the truth or say she doesn’t know.

She never got “payback” or got her “justice” from my father, so she just projects everything on me. I am the only male in the family basically, with two older, as you would expect, whore sister, who got princess treatment from my mother all their lives. They created this “us vs him(me) mentality as I got tired of all their shit. Sister’s literally abused me all my life, until I cut all contact with them. So they have this pact mentality against their own brother/son.

How to deal with a narcissistic mother who tries to bitch me up by ridiculing me, disrespecting me in private and in public, tries to teach me about masculinity as a failed mother with two failed marriages and half a dozen failed relationships(that I know of), favors her two girls over me, oblivious to her shortcomings and toxic behavior?

Thank you.